Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's Meet Our Blogging Buddies: Mrs. de Vries' Class in Australia!

Mrs. Ranney's class enjoys sharing and learning 
with other classes around the world. 
This year, they are QUAD buddies with three other classes!

Mrs. Ranney's Classroom Blog 3rd Grade California, USA 
(March 7th-13th)

Mr. Avery’s Classroom Blog 4th Grade Massachusetts, USA 
(March 14-20th)

3DD Classroom Blog Grade 3 Australia (March 28th-April 3rd)

Mrs. Watson's 2/3 Class British Columbia, Canada (April 4-10)

The concept is  four blogging classes come together and learn about one another one week at a time. 
This alliance will help each class increase learning more about the wonderful world we live in.


This week, let's meet Mrs. de Vries' Grade 3 in Australia! 
Since they are located in the Eastern Hemisphere, they are18 hours ahead of us!
If it is 12 o'clock noon on March 28th, here in California, 
it is 6 A. M. on March 29th in Australia!

Head on over to 3DD Class Blog (Leopold, Australia) to learn about them 
and leave a comment!

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  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    We're so excited to be Skyping with you this week! It's going to be a lot of fun to learn more about a class in California!

    Before we Skype, we'd like to know, what are some things you'd like to know about us, about Plympton, or about Massachusetts?

    Anxiously awaiting Thursday!

    Your quad blogging buddies,
    Mr. Avery's class

  2. Dear Mr. Avery and Class,
    We are also very excited about Skyping with you today!

    Besides comparing the area and population of our states, state symbols, and information about our towns, we'd also like to know:

    Which sports teams do you root for?

    What games you like to play on your playground?

    How do each of you get to school: bus, car, walking, bike...?

    How many students in your class play handball?

    What are the other popular games?

    How long is your school day?

    How many students are in your school?

    Be skyping soon!

    Mrs. Ranney and Class


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