Meet Mrs. Ranney

Mrs. Ranney in Heidelberg, Germany
I have retired after teaching since 1973!

In my free time, enjoy  gardening, 
bicycling, hiking, yoga,
creating mosaic art, bird - watching, 
and camping with my husband.
 One of our favorite camp spots is in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains
 where we love to hike, 
take photographs, 
and breathe the crisp clean air at 12,000 feet!

Mr. and Mrs. Ranney in the Eastern Sierra

I also take great pleasure in traveling. 
One of my favorite places to visit is New York,
where my daughter, Sarah, 
a dancer, lives  with her husband, Jeremy, 
a graphic artist. 
Another place I recently enjoyed a journey to was Germany, 
where my daughter, Kari, was living and teaching English.
 Wherever I go, I enjoy spending time learning new things!