Friday, May 21, 2010

Outstanding Open House - 2010

Which Open House project was your favorite?

What did you enjoy most about the evening?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Celebrating Mexican Culture!

Recently Mrs. Ranney's Class read "Pepita Talks Twice!"

Pepita, who can speak both English and Spanish, decides that she doesn't want to "speak twice" anymore. When her decision creates problems she hadn't thought of, Pepita realizes that sometimes it can be a good thing to understand two languages.

The story was even written in both English and Spanish,

so we began learning some Spanish words ourselves.


The video below, made by students in both Mrs. Ranney's and Mrs. Yollis' class, demonstrates many Spanish words we learned!


¡Bueños días! Good day!

¡Bueñas tardes! Good afternoon!

¡Bueñas noches! Good night!

¿Cómo estas? How are you?

¡Muy bien! Very well!

¡No muy bien! Not very well!

¡Que lástima! What a pity!

¡Gracias! Thank you!

De nada. You're welcome.

¡Hasta mañana! See you tomorrow!

¡Hasta luego! See you later!

Los Días de la Semana The Days of the Week

lunes Monday

martes Tuesday

miércoles Wednesday

jueves Thursday

viernes Friday

sábado Saturday

domingo Sunday

Me gusta...I like...

el pan bread

los tacos tacos

escuela school

matemáticas math

¡Que divertido! What fun!

¡Que buena idea! What a great idea!

¿Vamos a aprender Español? We're going to learn Spanish?


Later in the week, with our friends in Mrs. Yollis' class, we celebrated with the Mexican Hat Dance......

and by having a taco party!


What did you enjoy most about our celebration of Mexican culture?

What other Spanish words or phrases have you learned?

Meet Mr. Gallon, the Captain of Capacity!

Mrs. Ranney's class has been learning about capacity using customary units.

Gallon is a customary unit for capacity.

Our friend, Corey, from Mrs. Yollis' class brought Mr. Gallon to school today.
Mr. Gallon was very helpful with conversions!

Meet Mr. Gallon!

Mr. Gallon says, "There are four blue quarts in a gallon!"

Mr. Gallon says, "There are eight purple pints in a gallon!"

Mr. Gallon says, "There are 16 green cups in a gallon!"

What do you think of Mr. Gallon?

Did he help you learn about capacity?

What have you found at home that uses these customary units?