Friday, September 27, 2013

Super Subjects and Perfect Predicates!

Mrs. Ranney's class has been working on learning about 

what it takes to create a 

We have learned that it takes two parts: 

The subject tells the person or thing the sentence is about.
The predicate tells what the subject is or does.
The predicate always includes a verb!


Here are some examples:

Here are some more spectacular sentences we created with 
super subjects and perfect predicates!
(Hint: Click on the picture to make it larger!)


Why don't you try creating a special sentence of your own?
It can be about any topic you like.

After creating your sentence and typing it into your comment, tell us what the subject is and what the predicate is, or
if you want to give us a challenge...
Ask us to tell you what the subject and predicate are! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Split the Difference: A Marvelous Math Strategy!

This week, Mrs. Ranney's class is working on a
 new type of math word problem.

It is different than other word problems we've done.   
Usually word problems ask questions like:  

How many in all?       How many more?     How many fewer?


Here is an example of the new kind of word problem. 

Photo by Mrs. Ranney

Frogger and Curious George left 45 comments on the blog.
Frogger left 5 more comments than Curious George. 

How many comments did Frogger leave? 
How many comments did Curious George leave?

The answer is:
Frogger: 25 comments
Curious George: 20 comments

In Mrs. Yollis' class, this problem was used:
Panda and Hoppy left 25 comments. 
Hoppy left 5 more comments than Panda. 

How many comments did Panda leave? 

How many comments did Hoppy leave?
 Photo by Mrs. Yollis

Here is a photo of how we solved the problem:

The answer is
Panda: 10 comments
Hoppy: 15 comments

Here is a tutorial created by Mrs. Yollis and one of her former students made
 illustrating our special strategy for solving this type of problem.  


What do you think of this process?

If you want to make up one of these math problems with your parents, please do so! 
 We'll use it for practice in class!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fabulous Fall, 2013

Did you know that this year, September 22, is the first day of autumn, also known as
the autumnal equinox?

In Southern California, we do not experience autumn, or fall,
the same way some places do.

However, we do feel a change in our weather, and even
the leaves of our trees sometimes change c

Have you ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall?
If you'd like to find out the answer
or learn some other fabulous fall facts,
click on this link called Awesome Autumn!


Leave a comment to tell us what 
you learned about autumn.
You can also include the answers to these questions:

What are your favorite fall sports and activities?

What do you like most about fall?

Hi, I'm Frogger, the Blogger! Here's my tip for today:
When you write a comment, try to include 
some great action words! 
I think you humans call them verbs! I'll be reading your comments
to look for the most vivid verbs I can find!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Revved Up For Rounding!

In math, our class has been working on ROUNDING!

It can be a tricky skill, so Frogger has a 
few tips and rules to help!

Frogger's Radical Rounding Rules!

                  1. Underline the place value position to which you are rounding.
                    2. Draw an arrow to the neighbor on the right.
3. Write which two tens or two hundreds the number is between.
4. If the neighbor next door is 5 or more, round up, round up!
                    5. If it's not, round down!
6. Circle the correct estimate/answer.

Remember, we call numbers round because they end with zero!

Example: Round 74 to the nearest 10

  • 74 is between 70 and 80
  • The digit next door to the tens place is 4, so round down to 70
Answer: 70
(74 gets "rounded down")

Example: Round 86 to the nearest 10

  • 86 is between 80 and 90
  • The digit next door to the tens place is 6, so round up to 90
Answer: 90
(86 gets "rounded up")


Here are some great examples from our recent practice in class:

Nearest ten

Nearest hundred


Nearest thousand

Watch the slide show and try the quiz to practice 
your rounding skills!

Rounding Numbers! on PhotoPeach

You can also head over to IXL for more practice!

How did you do on the rounding quiz?

How about asking a rounding question
 in your comment?

Once others write comments, look for question you can answer!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lucky Hat Day, 2013!

Last week, Mrs. Ranney's third graders read  
in our anthology by Mark Teague.
The story is about three friends who get lost in the Lost and Found bin! Their lucky hats brings them good luck at the end of the story.
*       *       *      *       *
For fun, we wore our lucky hats today!

Here are some fun photos from Lucky Hat day! 

A Very Lucky Day, 2013! on PhotoPeach

What was your favorite part about 
Lucky Hat Day?
Which hat did you think was the 
most interesting or creative? 
Tell us about your hat!