Friday, February 24, 2012

The Power of Poetry: Hink Pinks!

In Mrs. Ranney's Class
we are currently studying poetry.

We have learned that poems can create word pictures 
and are meant to be read aloud.
We have also learned that a good poet can 
say a lot in just a few words!

Speaking of just a few words...

A Hink Pink Poem is a rhyming pair of words that answers a riddle-like question!
Sometimes these are humorous and even silly!

For example,
Q: What do you call a lengthy tune?
A: a long song
If it's a Hinkie Pinkie, it has two two-syllable rhyming words!
For example:
Q: What is an improved member of the alphabet?
A. a better letter!

It can even be a Hinkety-Pinkety and have two rhyming, three-syllable words!
Now, that's challenging!

Here are a few Hink Pinks created by students in our class!

Q: What is a non-furry rabbit?
A: bare hare
By: Josh

Q: What is a sick looking man?
A: pale male
By Francesca

Q: What are two quadrilaterals?
A: square pair
By Nate

Q:  What do call baby bears getting together?
A: cub club
By Arielle

Q:  What is hair you put in your head with sticks in it?
A: twig wig
By Sydney

Q: What is an impolite man?
A: a rude dude
By Nicole

Q:  What is a body of water that is a little cold?
A:  cool pool
By  Adam

* * * * * * * *

Do you know the answers to any of the following Hink Pinks? 
1. What do you call a large group of people that are very noisy?
2.  What is something that you can see that glows?
3. What is a twisted penny?
4. What do you call a pig in an earthquake? (Hinky Pinky)
5.  What is believable food? (Hinkety Pinkety!)

* * * * * * * * 
Share your answer in a comment, and 
how about submitting a Hink Pink of your own!

Get your family involved too! Family members can answer the riddles and 
compose some Hink Pinks of their own!


  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    I really enjoyed all of the Hink Pink poems that the class made up. I decided I would try to make some up too. Here they are:

    Q: What do you call a boring sport? A: a lame game

    Q: What do you call a black tree? A: dark bark

    Q: What do you call sturdy wood? A:?
    See if you can answer that one yourself!

    My mom even got in on the fun and made one up too!

    Q: What do you call a mother with a lot of patience? A: a calm mom

    I hope you enjoyed our Hink Pinks!

    Best Wishes,


    1. @Bella, I'm so glad to see you joining in with some hink pink fun! Your hink pinks are terrific, and so is your mom's!
      I took out the answer to one of your riddles. Let's see if someone else can figure that one out! It's challenging!
      Mrs. Ranney

  2. Dear Mrs.Ranney,

    I think the hinkety pinkety you gave us to answer is a credible edible.

    Best Wishes,

    1. @Francesca, you are exactly right! That was the most challenging one. Good for you!
      Mrs. Ranney

  3. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    I love your hink pink post! Here are a few I wrote:

    Q: What do you call a wet hound?
    A: A soggy doggy!

    Q: What do you call a heavy feline?
    A: A fat cat!

    Q: What do you call a grassy area for dogs?
    A: A bark park!

    I can't wait to read everyone hink pinks!

    Your gal pal,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  4. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    I love the idea of Hink Pinks. Your examples are wonderful and made me think what I might find....

    3 syllables...

    Q. What do you call a funny Hinkety-Pinkety?
    A. a numerous humerous

    4 syllables...

    Q. What do you call a kangaroo?
    A. A mammalian Australian

    5 syllables...

    Q. What is a B.Sc.?
    A. A qualification abbreviation

    Keep up your great ideas, everyone. I love many forms of poetry but hadn't heard of Hink Pinks until now. Thanks for helping me to learn something new. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    1. Dear Mr. Mannell,

      Thanks for commenting on the blog.
      We would like to know what a 4 or 5 syllable hink pink is called. Is there any chance you know?

      Q: What is an angry father called?

      A: mad dad

      Try to do this hink pink yourself.

      Q: What is a colorful faucet?

      A: ?


      Quynh-Anh & Josh

  5. Dear Class,

    We've got a few hink pinks to share with you.

    Q: What is a pretty cold body of water?
    A: a cool pool.

    Q: What is the color of something you put on your foot?
    That one is for you to find out.

    The answer to what is a noisy group of people is a loud crowd.

    I hope you enjoyed our hink pinks.

    Dylan and Josh

    1. @Dylan and Josh,
      Great job! You are absolutely correct about the loud crowd! I can't wait to see who can answer your hink pink riddle!
      Well done!
      Mrs. Ranney

  6. Dear Mrs.Ranney and Class,

    I think a twisted penny is a bent cent. Here are a few hink pinks I made up:
    Q: What is a hilarious hare? A: A funny bunny!
    Q: What is a furry man? A: Harry Larry!

    Looking forward to hearing more hink pinks!

    See You Later,


    1. @Hayley,
      You got it! Bent cent is the right answer!
      Your hink pinks are also very clever!
      Way to go!
      Mrs. Ranney

    2. Bella and FrancescaFebruary 29, 2012 at 8:49 AM

      Dear Mrs. Yollis,
      Hi! Our names are Francesca and Bella. Thanks for commenting! We adored your clever Hink Pinks. We loved your soggy doggy Hink Pink.

      We hope you visit our blog again and comment.

      Best Wishes,
      Francesca and Bella

  7. Hi Mrs. Ranney's class,

    My name is Cameron and I am from Falmouth, MA in the United States. We have a really big class blog and are excited to be visiting other blogs. I like the Koala avatar on your site. It would be really cool to have one of those on our blog. I like all of the hink pinks
    some of them were realy funny. Maybe sometime you could visit our classroom blog and maybe leave a comment.

    Thanks you,

  8. Dear Class,

    Here are two hink pinks I want to share.

    Q: What is a food that is not not nice?
    A: A mean bean

    Q: What is a frightening piece of of fruit?
    A: A scary berry


  9. Hi class!

    We love your Hink Pinks!

    Is it Shakin' Bacon?

    Mrs. Gregory's class
    Georgetown, DE


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