Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, 2013!

We had a very happy
Halloween Day!

Please enjoy watching the slideshow to see
what we enjoyed doing today!

Halloween, 2013! on PhotoPeach

What did you enjoy most about our day?

What are you planning to do for Halloween night?

What costume will you be wearing?

 Don't forget to Trick-or-Treat for 
UNICEF, and 
bring in your box tomorrow!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Colossal, Creative Collections!

Recently Mrs. Ranney's class read  The Talking Cloth, by Rhonda Michell. The main character, Aunt Phoebe, is a "collector of life."  Her home is filled with souvenirs from her travels around the world.

In class, we started talking about collections. It turns out many people have collections of their own.

Notice how many people arranged their collection in an array
Many of us have collections too.
Please enjoy reading about them.

  Annsley's American Girl Clothing Collection

     I adore collecting American Girl Doll clothes.  I began amassing my collection on my birthday.  We went to the American Girl Doll Store in Beverly Hills.  Most of my collection is from Beverly Hills, but when my mom went to Chicago for work she brought me a red shirt form the American Girl Doll Store in Chicago.  I have many favorite pieces in my collection, but the one I like best is a hula skirt made out of grass.  In conclusion,  I enjoy collecting American Girl Doll clothes and look forward to my next trip to the store.


Blythe's Stuffed Animal Collection

     My collection is of various stuffed animals.  The collection was started even before I was born!  My big sister gave me a few of her stuffed animals from when she was little, and I have added to it as I have gotten bigger.  I even have a "collection within a collection" of different themed Minnie Mouse dolls from when we go to Disneyland!  My favorite is a little Teddy Bear named "Creamsicle" because she is soft and cream-colored.  I like collecting stuffed animals and enjoy decorating my room with them!

For the picture I put them in an array of 5 rows of 4 stuffed animals.


Gigi's Littlest Pet Shop Collection


     I enjoy collecting Littlest pet shop figures. I got some from my sister when I was younger and I love them so much! I buy them from the stores. Now I have probably have over 200 but I didn't count!   My favorite is the dog with the beret which is a French hat.


Lucas' Topps Match Attack Soccer Card Collection

     My collection of Topps Match Attack soccer cards represents some of my heritage because I collected them when I visited England and South Africa in 2011. I collect soccer cards because I like the sport, and I enjoy following the phenomenal athletes.  I began collecting cards when my family traveled to South Africa in 2011.  When my grandma goes to South Africa and England every year she brings back cards. Some of my favorite players are David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, and Cristiano Ronaldo because they all played for Manchester United, which is my absolute favorite soccer team, not including the United States National team.  I have cards from the 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and the 2012-2013 series of Topps Match Attack.  In conclusion, I hope to continue my collection and grow it bigger by obtaining the 2013-2014 series.


Colin's Star Wars Action Figure Collection

     My collection of Star Wars action figures is so awesome! Do you want to hear about it? I started collecting Star Wars action figures after I saw "Star Wars IV: A New Hope" when I was staying at my cousins' house on the night my brother was born (when I was 3). My dad loves Star Wars too, so he was so excited that I saw it for the first time. He took me to this store in Santa Monica called Puzzle Zoo, and they had an entire section of a million Star Wars action figures. That is where I started collecting Star Wars action figures. Most of my collection is from Puzzle Zoo. Second, I collect Star Wars action figures because my dad, brother, grandfather and I all love Star Wars. I like Star Wars action figures because it's like grabbing the characters out of the TV. I like to make up new scenes, like where Anakin meets Luke and they were both young or a scene where Yoda is born. Lastly, my favorites are Luke in the Storm Trooper outfit, Yoda (the one not missing a hand), Darth Vader, and Anakin Skywalker. I like them because I'm the most familiar with them in the movies. I hope you have enjoyed seeing and reading about my collection!


Jacob's Baseball Card Collection

     My hobby is collecting baseball cards. The reason I collect them is because they’re fun to trade. You can remember the players after they’ve died and can get money from selling them. I started collecting baseball cards when I was 5 years old. My brother gave me some of his cards, so I decided that I wanted to collect them. I have many favorites including Hideo Nomo, Dwight Gooden, C.C. Sabathia, Michael Young, Johnny Cueto, and lots more. As you can see I love my baseball cards!


Luc's Baseball Card Collection

     My collection of baseball cards is cool.  I collect baseball cards because it is fun.  I started collecting when I was 7 years old, and I saw some cards at the store.  Now, I get my baseball cards at Target.  My favorite baseball card is Chet Lemon.  He played for the Tigers.  I love my baseball card collection!  It is special to me.


Noah's Shell  Collection

     This is my collection of shells. The shells are in 17 rows of 4. I got the shells from all the beaches I have been to.  I like to collect a lot of things, but collecting shells is one of my favorites.  I started collecting shells when I first saw a really cool shell at Paradise Cove. At first I didn’t know what it was. I asked my mom, and she said it was a shell.  One shell I like the most is the shell from Israel. I like the shell from Israel because it reminds me of being with my grandparents. Collecting shells is one of my favorite things to do.


Michelle's Collection of Pokémon Stickers and Cards

     My collection of Pokémon stickers and cards reminds me of the time in Korea with my cousin Nina. I began to collect Pokémon stickers and cards when I was 4 years old in Korea. One day I watched the episodes of Pokémon with Nina. Several days later, when my uncle, Nina’s dad, came to visit my grandmother’s
house, he took us to the shopping mall. One of the stores had lots of Pokémon stuff. Nina found Pokémon cards and stickers first and showed me. My uncle let us choose some Pokémon stuff we wanted. Since then, whenever I visited Korea, I bought different kind of Pokémon cards and stickers. My favorite Pokémon sticker is Pikachu stickers. The reason Pikachu is my favorite is he is cute, and he can strike lightning. In conclusion, I plan to continue collecting Pokémon stickers and cards whenever I visit Korea.


Anthony's Collection of Snow Globes

     My collection is of snow globes from different parts of the world.  My grandparents brought back a snow globe for me once from one of their vacations and I became very interested in them.  Now relatives bring back snow globes all the time.  I started my collection because I thought it would be awesome to collect snow globes from different parts of the world.  Some of snow globes in my collection are from New York, Las Vegas, St. Thomas, Denmark, France and Finland.  My favorite one is the one from Copenhagen, Denmark because my dad lived there for a year.  I hope to be able to visit all of the places one day but I will continue to collect snow globes in the meantime. 


Kenan's Collection of Yu-gi-oh Trading Cards
     I collect  trading cards. I collect Yu-gi-oh trading cards because you can play a game with them. Luc showed them to me and I liked them. I get them at Target. That is why I made my array out  of them.
Mrs. Ranney's Marvelous Mass of Magnets!

     My collection of magnets represents travel experiences I have had over the last sixteen years. I began my collection during a train trip that I took with my daughters and Mrs. Yollis’ in 1995. For this reason, the Amtrak and Great Northern Railway magnets mean a great deal to me. Since magnets are rather inexpensive and because I can see them everyday on my refrigerator, they seemed like a great souvenir item to collect! It is very difficult to select an absolute favorite. Two groups of magnets that are particularly precious to me are the ones from New York and Germany. The magnets from New York represent my daughter, Sarah, who lives there. I have visited her many times and have enjoyed all the sites, particularly the Statue of Liberty. Symbols of my daughter Kari, the magnets from Germany, are from places I visited with her when our whole family joined her for Christmas there in 2009. Definitely, I plan to continue collecting magnets everywhere I go for the rest of my life!


Please leave a comment about our 
Colossal, Creative Collections.

Tell us which collection is the most 
interesting to you and why.

You can also include a bit of information about your own collection, if you have one!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hip Hip Array!

We have been exploring arrays!

Row x Column = Product

The multiplication for the array above is
3 x 4 = 12
because it has 3 rows of 4.

When the factors are different digits, 
the arrays are in the shape of a rectangle. 
When the factors are the same digit, 
the array are a square!

We practiced making arrays ourselves!

 2 rows of 5 dice = 10 dice

 4 rows of 2 Bingo games = 8  Bingo games

 8 rows of 2 glue bottles = 16 glue bottles

 5 rows of 10 cubes = 50 cubes

 3 rows of 6 calculators = 18 calculators

 2 rows of 8 paper clips = 16 paper clips

 2 rows of 4 erasers = 8 erasers

 2 rows of 11 markers = 22 markers

 2 rows of 3 Cub Kudos = 6 Cub Kudos

4 rows of 7 glue sticks = 28
glue sticks

2 rows of 6 connecting cubes = 12

connecting cubes


Here is an interactive quiz about arrays!
Rows   x   Columns on PhotoPeach  


What arrays have you found or created in your house?

Share what you found!

Positively Perfect Plurals!

Mrs. Ranney's class has been working 
recently on learning to spell 
plural nouns correctly!

There are so many rules about plurals to follow!

Did you know that plural nouns never use apostrophes?
Did you know that not all plurals have an s added to them? 

 Frogger has some plural spelling rules to share with you:

1. When a singular noun ends with x, ch, sh, or s, add es
Examples: box - boxes              bush - bushes
2. When a singular noun ends in a consonant and y, change the y to an i and add es.  
                 Examples: penny - pennies         fly - flies
3. To some nouns ending in f, simply add s.
                 Examples: chief - chiefs             bluff - bluffs
4. To other nouns ending in f or fe, change the f or fe to v and add  
                 Examples: wolf - wolves            leaf - leaves
5. Some singular nouns form their plurals in special ways. There is no rule for these, so you just have to memorize them!
                 Examples: tooth - teeth               mouse - mice

Frogger challenges you to use five different plurals in a comment!
Here is Frogger's example:
Dear Class,
Yesterday three flies landed on my lilypad. I tried so hard to eat them, but they got away!  I wonder how many of you children would want to eat flies instead of candies on Halloween? 

After missing the flies, I hopped off my lilypad into the water where I saw some geese paddling by. They were carrying some leaves back to their nests. I swam along, so I could say hello to their babies!

I'm looking forward to reading your comments full of positively perfect plurals!

Ribbit and regards,

P. S. Be sure to use html code to make your plurals bold!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Celebrating Traditions!

This week Mrs. Ranney's class started
a new unit in Language Arts
called Celebrating Traditions!

 A tradition is something that family, friends,
or another group of people has done for many years and continues to do on a regular basis.

 *     *     *     *     *

The story for this week is "The Keeping Quilt".
 In the first story, "The Keeping Quilt," by Patricia Polacco, the author retells the story of her family's handmade quilt. In the story, a Russian immigrant mother and family arrive in the United States. She plans to make a quilt from a basket of old clothes, telling her daughter, "It will be like having the family in backhome Russia dance around us at night."  The quilt is passed along from mother to daughter for four generations. It becomes a Sabbath tablecloth and a wedding canopy. It even becomes a blanket for new generations of children. "The Keeping Quilt" is a heart-warming story about one family's tradition.
*     *     *     *     *

In the comment section, please 
share a tradition your family celebrates. 

It can be an annual party, a holiday, or any traditional event.

Please include details about: special foods,  decorations, songs, and/or activities.
 Your comment should be 4 to 6 sentences long. 
 Students: Your comment is due on Friday, October 11th!