Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Amazing Animals!

During the time that we have been enjoying
Badger Claws of Ojai,

we have read about the animals 
that Badger Claws encountered in the 
mountains and canyons where he lived.

Most of them can be found living right here in our own mountains and canyons. 

Some have even been painted in the mural on our playground!



 Racoon and


 There are no badgers on our mural, but
there certainly is one in our dictionary!

 The only grizzly bear around these parts is on our state flag!


Use World Book Online to find
 facts to share about these 
North American mammals!
Share at least 2 facts, and be sure to 
make them bold with html code!
(Use your own words! Do not plagiarize!)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Exploring North America!

Today our class took our first trip to National Geographic's

We enjoyed traveling and exploring on our own.
Then we checked out the coastal regions,

 the inland or landlocked areas,

and even took a dip in the Atlantic!

Afterward, we climbed the major mountain ranges in the U. S. A.
Can you name them and tell where they're located?
Do you know which peaks the standing students represent?

*    *    *    *    *    *    * 

What did you enjoy most about the map?
What did you find?
Use World Book Online to find more
 facts to share about places in North America! 
Share at least 2 facts, and be sure to 
make them bold with html code!

(Use your own words! Do not plagiarize!)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Classy Clauses!

Mrs. Ranney's students have learned that one clever way to add class to your writing is to use a  variety of sentence types!

One type that we have learned to write is a sentence that starts with a dependent clause.

Dependent clauses start with special words:
After, Before, Since, While, When, If, During.

 A dependent clause ends with a comma and cannot stand alone as a sentence. It must be followed by 
an independent clause which is a sentence that can stand alone!

Since Mrs. Ranney's Class has been reading Badger Claws of Ojai, the story of a Chumash Indian boy, 
we decided to summarize the first three chapters 
with some classy clauses!  
(Hey, that sentence has a classy clause!)

Here are some excellent examples of sentences with dependent clauses, written by students in our class:

Since Badger Claws wanted to watch the men's ceremony, he ran down the path toward the sweat house in the early morning.
by Luc and Ryan

While the Shaman said a prayer, he threw a burning stick to the east, south, west, and north.
by Anthony and Lucas

When Badger Claws snuck into the braves' ceremony, he hid behind a big boulder.
 by Kim, Leann, and Maya
Since the Shaman was smarter than anybody else, he smelled Badger Claws.
by Annsley and Bella


If Badger Claws wouldn't have done the wrong thing, he would not have been caught!
by Kenan and Noah


Since Badger Claws snuck into the sweat house, he had to be sent to live with his aunt and uncle.
by Gigi and Michelle

As Badger Claws cried, the Shaman told him he had broken the rules of the Chumash.
by Colin and Ayden


If Badger Claws is able to prove that he is a brave, he will be able to stay in his village of Matilha.
by Jacob and Massimo


When the Shaman and Badger Claws were walking up the steep mountain, Badger Claws got very tired.
by Molly and Senuri


While Badger Claws started walking to the mountains with the Shaman, the Shaman asked,
 "If you were a man, would you hold my hand?" 
by Blythe and Elinor


When Badger Claws and the Shaman were walking, Badger Claws' feet started to hurt, and he felt like he was going to fall.
by Jade and Lexi


After the Shaman turned, Badger Claws started off alone down into the rocky canyon.
by Caiti and Olivia


That's the end of our summary of the first three chapters!

What do you think of the story so far?

How do you like our sentences?

What do you think will happen next as Badger Claws tries to survive alone in the canyon?

Can you include a dependent clause in your comment?