Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Do You Get When You Fold a Square into Triangles?

In geometry, we've been learning all about triangles.

There are three types of triangles.

(3 equal sides / 3 equal angles)

(2 equal sides / 2 equal angles)

(NO equal sides / NO equal angles) 

 Watch what happened when we took a square piece of paper and folded it into various triangles!

A Practical Paper Cup! on PhotoPeach


Did you enjoy making the paper cup?

What have you learned about triangles?

What triangles have you found at home?

If you send in a digital image of a triangle you have found, 
we will make a slide show of your triangles! 
Be sure to tell what kind it is! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

All Polygons Have Angles: Acute, Right, or Obtuse!

In geometry, we are learning about angles!

An angle is a  figure formed when two rays share the same endpoint.

 We have learned about the three types of angles.
Below is a special angle called a right angle
It is also called a 90˚ angle.

Any angle less than a right angle is called an acute angle. 

Any angle greater than a right is called an obtuse angle. 

We have also learned that polygons are closed plane figures with straight sides and that all polygons have angles! 

Below is a quiz using our own artwork!
Can you guess the angle in each of our pictures?

Can You Name the Angle? on PhotoPeach

What angles have you found at home or outside?

What polygons have you found?

Have you found any acute, right, or obtuse triangles?

Would you like to try another quiz?  
Go to Mrs. Yollis' Name That Triangle Quiz!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Grand Government!

Our class has been learning all about the United States Government!

We have focused much of our learning on the 
Three Branches of the Government.

Watch the slide show and study for our test at the same time!

United States Government on PhotoPeach


What interesting facts have you learned about our government?
What facts can you add about our government, our nation's symbols, or our nation's monuments?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Puppet Project Presentations

Custom Glitter Text

During the month of November, Ella was a winner in our 
Family Blogging Month Commenting Contest!  
One of her prizes was to create a post of her own. 
  Please enjoy what Ella created!

In 2010, our homework was to make a puppet based 
on the main character of a book.
Many people used the characters Pinky or Rex.

 One person created Katie Kazoo.
I made Charlie from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Two people created Clementine. 
One person did Gooney Bird Green.

Watch this video to learn more about our puppets!

As you can see, we were very creative with our puppets!

Here are some instructions to make a puppet:

First, decide who you’re making. It can be an animal, 
a character in a movie or book, or even a real person! 
Next, find the materials that you will use to make the puppet.
As said in the video, you will need a paper bag to make your puppet. 
Use the materials any way you want! 
After you put the materials on with glue, wait for it to dry for about two days. 
When it’s dry, you can give it to someone or keep it for yourself!

Which puppet is your favorite? 
What character did you make and what book is it from?
Do you plan to make another puppet? What will you make?

Join World Maths Day!

March 1, 2011 is World Maths Day!

It is a fantastic Internet project for students.
Mrs. Ranney's class participated last year and really enjoyed the experience!

All students were given a Username and Password today, so they can start preparing for March 1.

Good luck! 
Let us know which countries you have played against!