Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hip Hip Array!

We have been exploring arrays!

Row x Column = Product

The multiplication for the array above is
3 x 4 = 12
because it has 3 rows of 4.

When the factors are different digits, 
the arrays are in the shape of a rectangle. 
When the factors are the same digit, 
the array are a square!

We practiced making arrays ourselves!

 2 rows of 5 dice = 10 dice

 4 rows of 2 Bingo games = 8  Bingo games

 8 rows of 2 glue bottles = 16 glue bottles

 5 rows of 10 cubes = 50 cubes

 3 rows of 6 calculators = 18 calculators

 2 rows of 8 paper clips = 16 paper clips

 2 rows of 4 erasers = 8 erasers

 2 rows of 11 markers = 22 markers

 2 rows of 3 Cub Kudos = 6 Cub Kudos

4 rows of 7 glue sticks = 28
glue sticks

2 rows of 6 connecting cubes = 12

connecting cubes


Here is an interactive quiz about arrays!
Rows   x   Columns on PhotoPeach  


What arrays have you found or created in your house?

Share what you found!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    We have some good arrays for you. For example; We have 2 rows of 4 chairs which equals 8 chairs. Another one is 4 rows of 3 soccer balls which equals 12 soccer balls. Finally we have 2 rows of 2 children and that is 4 children. I really like arrays.



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