Friday, February 21, 2014

Thrills in Three - D!

In geometry, we have been studying solid, 3 - dimensional, shapes.
Shapes that have three dimensions have length, width, and height.

Today Mrs. Ranney gave us toothpicks for edges and 
clay to create vertices.
We started out with simple figures, like cubes, rectangular prisms, and square pyramids
 Then we explored other possibilities! See if you can find triangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, septagonal
and octagonal prisms

What shapes do you notice?
Describe a particular shape you see. 
How many faces, edges, and  
vertices does it have?
What shape are its faces?
Tell about your experience building with clay 
and toothpicks. 


  1. Dear Class,
    I liked that we got to explore the shapes and build them out of clay and toothpicks, it was lots of fun. Can you gess which shape is mine? My picture is in the second one. The color of my shape is blue. There is one prism and I also have a sphere.


  2. Dear Mrs.Ranney and Class,

    I thought it was extremely fun making shapes out of toothpicks and clay. I really hope we do something else like that during the year. In the picture, I have made a pentagonal prism and a square pyramid. Using the clay, I also did a cone and a sphere. The shapes were so cool that I wish we could have taken them home.



  3. Dear Mrs.Ranney and Class,

    I saw rare shapes. Here is the shapes I saw: pentagonal pyramid, pentagonal prism, triangular pyramid, triangular prism, and heptagonal prism.

    What did you make?

    Too bad the shapes didn't come home with us.


  4. Dear Class,
    I think the best part of it was making the shapes. So far 3d is the best geometry! I have made 1 prism. I have givenit my all on my geometry homework. It is pretty fun.

    Annsley 🌌


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