Monday, February 3, 2014

Perfect Puffins!

This week Mrs. Ranney's class is reading  a wonderful story called "Nights of the Pufflings"

The story tells about young Halla (HATT-lah) and her friends 
of Heimaey (HAY-mah-ay) Island, Iceland who
rescue stranded pufflings 
and launch them out over the ocean. 


The Common Atlantic Puffin spends part of its life in Iceland. Iceland is an island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean. Only a little part of Iceland is covered with ice. Iceland has all four seasons of year. In June, the sun is out almost all day and night! 
In winter, there are only about 6 hours of sunshine a day!
Did you know that Iceland has both geysers and volcanoes?
If you find out more facts about these natural wonders of Iceland, please leave us comment!


What Adult Puffins Look Like

What Puffins Eat

How Pufflings Are Tended


See if you can find some facts using World Book Online to fit the categories above.

Put your facts in your own words. Use html code to make your facts bold.

No plagiarism!

It's also fine to add some opinions as well!

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  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    Great job on posting those interesting facts on your blog! We did some research on World Book Online. We found a lot of interesting facts about puffins. We found two of the facts you wanted to know and some others. They mainly eat fish and have a think body, a large head, and a high flattened beak. Do you know how long puffins live?

    Mrs. Keever's Crew

    Visit our blog if you have some time:


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