Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Super Subjects and Perfect Predicates!

Mrs. Ranney's class has been working on learning about 

what it takes to create a 

We have learned that it takes two parts: 

The subject tells the person or thing the sentence is about.
The predicate tells what the subject is or does.
The predicate always includes a verb!


Here are some sentences we created by matching up
subjects and predicates!

Here are some more spectacular sentences we created with 
super subjects and perfect predicates!
(Hint: Click on the picture to make it larger!)


Why don't you try creating a special sentence of your own?
It can be about any topic you like.

After creating your sentence and typing it into your comment, tell us what the subject is and what the predicate is, or
if you want to give us a challenge...
Ask us to tell you what the subject and predicate are! 


  1. Dear Class,

    Frogger here! I see many of you have been commenting on the blog using correct commenting form! Even family members have gotten into the act!

    Here is a sentence I've created for you:

    Frogger and his slimy, green friends hopped off their lilypad and into the river!

    I wonder who the first blogger will be who can guess the subject and predicate of my sentence and leave a sentence of their own!


    1. Dear Frogger,

      The subject in your sentence is "Frogger and his slimy, green friends" and the predicate is "hopped off".

      Here is my sentence:

      My friend, her mom, and I went to have ice cream after school.

      Can anybody guess what the subject and predicate are in my sentence?



    2. Dear Alexandra

      Your subject is "My friend, her mom, and I" and the predicate is "went to have".

      Here is my sentence:

      I enjoy spending my day eating Goldfish crackers.

      Who can guess my subject and my predicate?



    3. Dear Frogger,

      My sentence is: "I am so excited to see that there are 114 visits from the small country of Israel!"

      What are the subject and predicate of that sentence?

      Eilat (Rain's mom)

    4. Dear Alexandra,

      Good for you for being the first to respond to my challenge! You are absolutely right about the subject!

      The predicate is actually all the rest of the sentence from hopped all the way to the period!

      You shared a great sentence yourself! Let's see who responds to your challenge!

      Cheers and Ribbit,

  2. Dear Mrs. Ranney's students,

    I loved your post about subjects and predicates!

    Here are a few sentences of my own:

    Buck, Goober, Marco, and Rocky went to PetCo to buy treats.

    subject: Buck, Goober, Marco, and Rocky
    predicate: went to PetCo to buy treats.

    The upper yard was filled with hopping cottontails who were playing tag.

    subject: The upper yard
    predicate: was filled with hopping cottontails who were playing tag.

    The delicious German chocolate cake was served at the birthday party.

    Can you tell me the subject and the predicate?

    Your pal,
    Panda from Mrs. Yollis' class

    1. Dear Panda,

      Your sentences were very entertaining to read! Thank you for leaving such a great comment.

      The subject of your sentence is: The delicious German chocolate cake.

      The predicate is: was served at the birthday party.

      Have an exciting weekend, and thanks again for your comment!

      Mrs. Ranney's classy students and Frogger!

  3. Hello Mrs. Ranney and class,

    One of my greatest discoveries when I was learning how sentences needed to have a subject and predicate was I had been using them without knowing what they were.

    As I looked over the sentences you have made, I was very impressed by your super subject and perfect predicate sentences. Your class must be very skilled at writing.

    I also noticed you were able to identify the verbs in the predicate. A sentence isn't a sentence without at least one verb.

    My sentence...

    The kangaroo was startled by a noise.

    Subject: The kangaroo
    Predicate: was started by a noise.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  4. Aidan, A.J., CharlotteOctober 8, 2012 at 10:51 AM

    Dear Mr. Mannell,

    Thank you for leaving an amazing comment on our blog. We found the verb in your sentence. The verb in your sentence is was startled.

    Aidan F,A.J.,and Charlotte


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