Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Grand Government!

Mrs. Ranney's class  has been learning all about 
the United States Government!

We have focused much of our learning on the 
Three Branches of the Government.

Watch the slide show and study for our test at the same time!

United States Government on PhotoPeach

What interesting facts have you learned about our government?
What facts can you add about our government, 
our nation's symbols, 
or our nation's monuments?


  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    I took the quiz and I got none wrong! Did you know that when the U.S.A became a country the people did not want to let anyone have too much control? They created a system called democracy.


    1. @Quynh-Anh,
      Good for you! I know you'll be ready for next week's test!
      Our democracy is a wonderful form of government.
      All the best,
      Mrs. Ranney

  2. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I think the three branches of our government are very impressive. The executive branch is the president. Also,
    we have the supreme court, which is the judicial branch, and the congress, which is the legislative branch.

    Best wishes, Missy

    1. @Missy,
      I agree, it is impressive!
      I can tell you've learned a lot already!
      Keep up the great work.
      Mrs. Ranney

  3. Hello
    I'm impressed about what your class has learned. We learned about the government too. I really loved yours so visit ours Mrs. Brooks is blog. What else have you learned in the year? How many more days do you have till the end of school?

    One of Mrs. Brooks students

  4. Dear Caitlin,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Did you enjoy learning all about our fantastic government? My class and I liked learning about the government.

    To answer your questions, we learned a lot of geometry. Has your class learned geometry? We also learned about light and energy in Science. In addition, we learned how to write in cursive. I counted on my calendar and we have 74 days left of school. How many days of school do you have left? What state do you live in? What school do you go to?



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