Monday, March 26, 2012

Learn Spanish! ¡Aprender Español!

Recently Mrs. Ranney's class read "Pepita Talks Twice!"

Pepita, who can speak both English and Spanish, decides that she doesn't want to "speak twice" anymore. When her decision creates problems she hadn't thought of, Pepita realizes that sometimes it can be a good thing to understand two languages.

The story was even written in both English and Spanish,

so we began learning some Spanish words ourselves.

*       *      *       *       *

The video below, made by students in both Mrs. Ranney's and Mrs. Yollis' class, demonstrates many Spanish words we learned!


¡Bueños días! Good day!

¡Bueñas tardes! Good afternoon!

¡Bueñas noches! Good night!

¿Cómo estas? How are you?

¡Muy bien! Very well!

¡No muy bien! Not very well!

¡Que lástima! What a pity!

¡Gracias! Thank you!

De nada. You're welcome.

¡Hasta mañana! See you tomorrow!

¡Hasta luego! See you later!

Los Días de la Semana The Days of the Week

lunes Monday

martes Tuesday

miércoles Wednesday

jueves Thursday

viernes Friday

sábado Saturday

domingo Sunday

Me gusta...I like...

el pan bread

los tacos tacos

escuela school

matemáticas math

¡Que divertido! What fun!

¡Que buena idea! What a great idea!

¿Vamos a aprender Español? We're going to learn Spanish?


What new Spanish words did you learn?

What other Spanish words do you know?


  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    I learned many new Spanish words though my favorite was el pan which means bread. I hope I can manage to learn Spanish because then I would know three languages or be trilingual. Spanish seems intresting to me because some American words come from Spanish.


  2. Dear Class,

    I learned lots of new Spanish words. My favorite is los tacos which means delicious tacos.

    A few other names for Spanish are Espanol and Castilian. Did you know that learning a second language helps a child's brain power?

    I hope you enjoyed the interesting facts I've shared with you.


  3. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    I also know some Spanish. I also learned a lot from the video. I did not know that “que lastima” means “what a pity”! By the end of the week I know that I will be able to speak some Spanish! Now I’m speaking twice like Pepita.

    Now speaking two languages, Sydney

  4. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    I enjoyed learning Spanish words this week.I didn't know Spanish until now, but I do speak twice like Pepita. I also speak Hebrew! I think it's nice to speak twice.



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