Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Pictogram!

Today Mrs. Ranney showed us a terrific graphing site.

We looked at the birthdays in the classroom using a birthday pictogram.

(Click the picture to make it larger.)

(We took a screen shot by pressing COMMAND + SHIFT + 4)

Then we made up  questions!

How many girls are there?
How many boys are there?

What month has the most birthdays?

The answers are 13 girls, 13 boys, and July!

* * * * *

Please use the data to ask a question in your comment.

Hopefully a reader will answer correctly!


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  1. Dear Class,
    How many more birthdays are there in July than December? How many more birthdays are there in August than November?
    See you all in class,

  2. Dear Hayley,

    July has three more birthdays than December. August also has three more birthdays than November.

    See you tomorrow in class,
    Adam :) :) :) :) :)

  3. Dear Class,

    How many birthdays are there in April,May,and June? Which months have an even number of birthdays?

    See you in thirteen hour,

    Quynh Anh

  4. Dear Class,

    Which months have only one birthday per month on the Pictogram? Please list these students.

    Adam :) :) :) :) :) :)

  5. Dear Class,

    What month has more boy birthdays?

    See you tomorrow.


  6. Hello and Ribbit to everyone in Mrs. Ranney's Class,

    Frogger, the Blogger, here! I'm glad to see some great new comments about the Happy Birthday Pictogram post!

    @Hayley, you came up with some great questions and used correct capitals, periods, and question marks too!

    @Adam, you did a terrific job answering Hayley's questions! You also used correct capitalization and punctuation! I like the way you also came up with a question of your own! Remember, one :) is plenty!

    @Quynh Anh, you came up with some great challenging questions. I can't wait to see who answers them! Nice work with the capitals and punctuation too!

    @Oliver, I'm looking forward to seeing who answers your question as well! Good job on the capitalization and punctuation!

    Remember, everyone, you can ask, as well as answer questions!

    All the best,

  7. Hello from the Pacific Ocean everyone,

    I'd just like to give a shout out to Dylan, Quynh-Anh, Nate, Arielle, Hayley, and Adam for doing the extra credit pictogram! I'm looking forward to hearing you share about them in class tomorrow!

    Goldie, the Garabaldi!

  8. Dear Adam,

    The months are September and November.The students are Maya and Missy.Nice questions Adam.

    Quynh Anh

  9. Dear Class,

    On the pictogram, besides January, March, and June, which month has the least amount of birthdays?

    Write back to me soon.

  10. Dear Mrs. Ranney’s Class,

    How many more boys are there in July than in May?


  11. Dear Class,
    I made a pictograph. Tomorrow we will see who has the most birthdays.
    Sincerely, Dylan

  12. Dear Quynh Anh,

    There are 7 birthdays all together in the months April, May, and June. May,August, and December have an even number of birthdays.


  13. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    Thank you for such a great back to school night! You are all going to have a very exciting year and learn so much! Enjoy it! Happy Friday......

    Grace's mom

  14. Dear Class,

    Which month or months has the number of birthdays that round to 10. Try to get me an answser as quick as possible. If you do try to ask me a question too.

    Your classmate

  15. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    How many birthdays are in July and August all together?
    Which month is your birthday?

    Your friend,

  16. Dear Class,

    Which month or months has the number of birthdays that round to 10. Try to get me an answer as quick as possible. If you do, try to ask me a question too.

    Your classmate,

  17. Dear Andrew,

    August and July altogether equal 9 birthdays. My birthday is in July. When is your birthday?

    See you tomorrow


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