Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Grand Government!

Our class has been learning all about the United States Government!

We have focused much of our learning on the 
Three Branches of the Government.

Watch the slide show and study for our test at the same time!

United States Government on PhotoPeach


What interesting facts have you learned about our government?
What facts can you add about our government, our nation's symbols, or our nation's monuments?


  1. Dear Mrs.Ranney,
    I honestly don't know anything about the USA besides what you taught. I am from Canada. I cannot wait to learn all about USA from you and your students. Keep up the Great Work.
    Kaitlyn in Mrs.Webb-Scheers class.

  2. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    What a phenomenal video!

    I learned that our government has three branches or parts: the legislature, the executive, and the judicial. The legislature or Congress makes laws. It is divided into two parts: The House Of Representatives and the Senate. The executive branch carries out the law, and its head, the President, approves or vetoes laws. The judicial branch is made up of the nine Supreme Court Justices, and its job is to decide what laws mean, and if they obey the Constitution.

    One fact I can add about the national government is that when it collects taxes, it uses the money to pay for armed services, such as the air force, and the navy. They also use the taxes to pay for our national parks.

    When I visited Washington D.C., I was especially impressed by the immense size of the Abraham Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial. It represents freedom and equality because Lincoln, as our sixteenth president, freed America from slavery.

    In addition, on my trip, when I toured Congress, I actually saw the Senate in session when they were making real laws!

    If you agree, I have some pictures I could share of some buildings and monuments we learned about in class.

    Yours truly,

  3. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I learned that the Supreme Court Judges are called Justices. Another interesting fact is that The House Representatives has more representatives from states that have the highest population. The full count of the members is 435 members. California has 53 representatives.

    Maya Lin created The Vietnam Veterans Memorial [also in Washington D.C.]. Read page 355 in your social studies book to find out about Maya Lin.

    All the best,

  4. @Kaitlyn,
    Thanks for commenting on our post! I'm glad you're learning some new facts about the USA. How about sharing a fact or two about Canadian government? For example, does Canada have a president? Does Canada have a group similar to our Congress?

    What an outstanding and detailed comment! You certainly shared a great number of facts! It is wonderful that you were able to visit Washington D. C. If you have some photos to share, you can have your mom send them to me via email. Then, I'll post them right here on our blog!

    I'm impressed with how quickly you, like Ella, found the new post!I especially loved how you shared the fact out the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that you found in your own social studies text book!

    Keep up the great blogging, all three of you!

    Mrs. Ranney

  5. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I LOVED THE VIDEO! I would love to go to Washington D.C. I learned how that there are nine Supreme Court Justices. I also learned that the Senate, and the Representatives (Congress) draft the laws that the president votes on. If he says yes, it becomes a law. If he does not think the law is wise or fair he will veto it. Did you know that the president works in the White House, the Senates and the Representatives work in the U.S Capitol Building, and the Supreme Court Justices work in the Supreme Court? I think I am ready for the social studies test now, thanks to all these amazing facts about our government.

    Your Truly,

  6. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    What a sensational quiz!

    I learned, like Ella, about the three branches of government. I think that it is very interesting that there are that many Representatives. 435! I also find it intriguing that the 9 Supreme Court Justices are chosen by the President and that they can choose to be Supreme Court Justices for the rest of their lives.

    @Ella, I think it is incredible that you and your family went to Washington D.C. over the summer. I think it would be amazing to see all the immense monuments. I was especially amazed by the size of the Washington Monument in the fantastic pictures you took. It was very shocking to see how colossal it was even without the Reflecting Pool making it look even bigger. I have a question:

    Which monument did you enjoy visiting the most?

    @Class, when I went to Washington D.C. I was too young to remember. I was only 3!

    Another part of this chapter I find fascinating is the taxes. I was surprised because I didn't know that taxes payed for so many things. Some of those things are:
    schools, libraries, safety such as police, firefighters, and crossing
    guards. They are also used for National Parks and Navy services. I have recently learned that all citizens pay for taxes on things such as houses, land, and goods.

    I am very excited about learning about the government, local, state, and national.

    Best Wishes,
    Jamie :)

  7. Mrs. Ranney,

    Great video. I truly enjoyed it!

    I heard that you may have some interest in Quad Blogging? I think it's a wonderful idea and our class would be more than happy to collaborate with you!

    Mr. Avery
    Plympton, Massachusetts
    Mr. Avery's Class Blog

  8. Wow! Such things you are all learning about in school.
    It is fun finding the monuments on google earth.
    Aidan's Grampy had no idea we had 53 congressman from California. We are learning along with the class.

  9. @Jamie, thank you for your comment about my trip. I mostly enjoyed the Washington monument because I like what it represents, courage and leadership. It's exciting to know that you visited there when you were so young!

    Yours Truly,

  10. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    This video is awesome!

    I have learned a lot of facts about the three branches. One thing I learned is that there are 9 Justices in the Supreme Court. They make sure that the laws are obeyed.

    The Washington Monument has a square pyramid on top. A fact I have learned about the Washington monument is that it stands 555 feet 5 1/8inches tall.

    I enjoyed watching the video with my family.


  11. Dear Mrs.Ranney,
    I have a fact...
    The board of members who work with the president are called Cabinet.


  12. George (Ella's dad)April 4, 2011 at 8:09 PM

    Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    I really enjoyed watching the video about the three branches of government and reading all the great comments. I chose to comment on this blog post because I noticed that part of the comments discussed taxes, and how they help pay for the government’s activities. In my work as a tax accountant, I help my clients file their tax returns and make sure they pay the right amount of taxes to the federal and state government – not too much, not too little. I would love to come to your class one day to tell you about my work!

    Let me ask all of you a question – do you know what day is considered “tax day”? I’ll give you a hint – its coming up very soon!

    Keep up the great blogs!
    George (Ella’s dad)


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