Friday, May 21, 2010

Outstanding Open House - 2010

Which Open House project was your favorite?

What did you enjoy most about the evening?


  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    I truly loved biography models,and the animal report. My favorite part about Open House was showing my family around. Thank you for a great Open House.

  2. My favorite project was the animal habitat, especially the ELEPHANT!

  3. Dear Mrs Ranney,

    I loved Open House! My favorite paragraph we made is Animal Reports. I also loved making our animals. I thought Marisa's animal and paragraph were great. I cant wait till 4th and 5th grade Open House!

    Best wishes,

  4. Dear Mrs.Ranney,
    I enjoyed watching the video of Open House and the project I loved the best was the animal reports. I loved animal paragraghs because I learned new things.


  5. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    The project that I liked doing for Open House is the animal habitats. It was especially fun to make the animals for the habitats. I really liked looking at all the projects we did. I can't wait to bring them home to show the rest of my
    family . I wish the school year with you would last longer!

    Sara :}

  6. dear Mrs. Ranney,

    Open House was so fun! I got to see all my friends and teachers I want in 4th and 5th grade. My favorite projects are biography figures, animal report/animal figure, Frozen Fractions, Shape paragraph, and Thankful paragraph. I loved Natalie's animal paragraph and animal. I can't wait for 4th and 5th grade Open House!

    Best Wishes,


  7. Dear Mrs Ranney,
    I have two favorite Open House projects. One of them is the biography because we got to make sculptures!!! The other one is the animal report. I think it is one of my favorites because we made the animal and stuffed paper in it. I like the pot of gold too. My brother, Lucas, says he would have the pot of gold. Open House was fantastic.


  8. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    I enjoyed going to Open House so much! I liked going to different classrooms too. The snacks at Open House were amazing! I also enjoyed making all of the class projects. For example, the money story paragraph, the presidential paragraph, the Haiku poems, making our animal and animal paragraphs, drawing the desert habitat, and making the desert sign.
    I thought at Open House our classroom was the best and had the most projects done! I also thought that our projects were the coolest!
    Of course, I thought that my projects that I worked on were really awesome. I love Open House.

    Andrew S. :) :D

  9. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I loved Open House! My favorite things I looked at were everything we did this year. I can't believe we all accomplished these things!
    I also liked looking at other classes like the 4th and 5th grade. Next year we will be making the missions of California. I loved the animal reports and habitats because it was creative to include the haiku poems and the mass chart. Mrs. Shipow had the coolest products for the Lakers.


  10. Dear Mrs.Ranney,

    I had a great evening looking around all the classrooms at Open House, but I didn't get to look at all of them. The next day we had a tour, but not all classes participated in the tour.

    It is so hard to pick a favorite project because I worked on all of them so hard , but if I had to pick one I would pick the animal stories. I was astounded by all the projects we did. It was so awesome!!! I hope the next Open House would be even be more astonishing.

    Ethan :>

  11. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    My favorite projects at Open House were the animal report and pot of gold.I liked the animal report because I got to write about a zebra.


  12. Dear class & Mrs.Ranney,

    I favored the Special People models especially Andrew's model of Neil Armstrong! I also liked the Animal paragraphs! In conclusion, Open
    House rocked!!!!!!

    Evan C.#7

  13. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I loved every single project, but if I had to choose which one I liked most it would be the Money Story Problems. What was your favorite project? My favorite part about the spectacular Open House would be when I was giving my amazing parents and sister a fabulous tour. Also I loved doing the Biography paragraphs and the awe-inspiring sculptures. My favorite sculpture was Andrew's because of what he made, like the tea spoons for making the dips on top of the moon. Andrew what was your favorite sculpture? Also I liked the Pot Of Gold paragraphs. I also liked the Amelia Earhart more than mine. My second favorite sculpture is Jake's awe-inspiring sculpture. I love everything, and you're a great teacher to me!!!

    Best Wishes,

  14. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I loved Open House. It was so much fun making all the projects. My favorite sculpture is Andrew's but, I still think that everyone did a terrific job. What was your favorite project that we made?

    I love learning things in school! I also love school! I wish it lasted forever!


  15. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I loved Open House because I got to look back on all the work my classmates and I did. My mom and dad loved my work. Personally, I loved all my work, but I loved the the animal reports, habitats, and our animals because I think I put a lot of work into the report and the other things.

    When I was at Open House, I checked out Mrs. Shipow's room, Mrs. Constantino's, Mrs. Coro's, and Mr. Ross's. I loved Mr. Ross's class because I liked how they made a model of a misson.

    I loved looking at all the art work Open House!


  16. Dear Mrs.Ranney,
    The projects that I really enjoyed making was the pot of gold and frozen fractions. I loved Open House because I got to give my parents a tour and show them how much I have done. Three things I enjoyed about Open House were that I got to see Leanne, I got to see you, and I got to introduce my big sister Shamira. Then I got to see Natalie and Roxana. My last favorite project was the Thankful For paragraph.I loved Open House!!!


  17. Dear Class and Mrs. Ranney,

    Mr Coblenz and I enjoyed seeing all the projects you've been working so hard on. Looks like you all took great pride is your work. Evan we are proud of your post on this blog and all your hard work this year. The animal reports were all interesting to read. They were filled with interesting facts! Our other favorite was the biography projects. The figures were SO creative!

    Great job,
    Mr. and Mrs. Coblenz

  18. Dear Mrs. Ranney's Class,

    What a great job you all did preparing for open house. It was very impressive to see all the art and written work you created. Our favorite part was the animal habitat. The animals looked so real and there were many interesting facts about them.

    Thanks to all of you for welcoming us into your classroom and for sharing all your exciting projects.

    Mr. & Mrs. Pollack

  19. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Students:

    We were so impressed with all the work you did. Every wall was covered with your wonderful stories and art work and special projects. You have learned so much this year and we are very proud of all of you!

    Best Wishes,

    Mr. and Mrs. Groch


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