Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nature of Wildworks Assembly

Today Mollie Hogan from The Nature of Wildworks visited our school with her rescued friends.

Nature of Wildworks Assembly on PhotoPeach

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Here is a link to Bobby the Bobcat's Blog!

Which animal did you like the best?

What facts can you add in the comment section?


  1. Dear Mrs Ranney,

    Out of all the entertaining animals, I liked the skunk and the opossum the best. First, I liked the skunk because of its black and white colors. I wonder how bad it smells when it sprays on another animal? It is cool that the skunk has two holes on its tail. When the skunk sprays, it has a really strong smell. I have never been sprayed by a skunk, thank goodness! Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk?

    The second animal I liked a lot was the opossum. I liked the opossum because it seems funny to me when they play dead. The opossum lives for only two to four years. The opossum has grey to black fur. Another fact is that the opossum eats insects, over-ripe fruit, grasses and leaves.

    I like learning about animals.

    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    Of all the animals I saw at the assembly, my favorites were owls and hawks, because they were really cool to see in person. Owls eat mice and rats. Common owl colors are gray, white and brown.

    Some hawks eat bones and feathers every day. One common hawk in our area is the red tail hawk.
    I liked seeing the amazing animals!

    Best wishes,


  3. Dear Mrs.Ranney,

    I love the owl, it is such an astonishing sight. I love watching the owl's head mold into different shapes.

    The next animal I love, is the cute little chihuahua, Patty. She does neat tricks and also has a lot of energy. She's the only dog I know that can get so fired up because of a treat.

    The last animal I love is the skunk. Its spraying power can hurt your eyes if it hits you there. Its spray is so stinky it can scare away the biggest of predators: fox or a coyote. Clearly, I think the Wildlife assembly is really a wild adventure.

    Best wishes,
    Ethan :-)

  4. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I adored all of the animals, but out of the entertaining animals, I thought the barn owl the best!!! If I had to chose another fascinating animal it would be the skunk. I adored the barn owl because it weighs less than one pound! The owl has white and light brown colors. It can fly through the midnight sky and nobody will notice them!!! Because barn owls sleeps out side it is nocturnal. If you find a mouse in your house, all you need is the barn owl. The cute little owl has a very small skull. That is why they weigh less than a single pound, so you can scrunch up his face. Also barn owls eat insects and mice. I would love to feel a barn owl. Would you like to feel a barn owl?

    My second favorite animal is the skunk. Skunks are white and black colors. They have two little holes on their black and white tail. By the way they took the two holes out, so we wouldn't have got sprayed. I wonder how horrible it smells on other animals because I have never been sprayed before. Thank goodness I haven't been sprayed before. Have you ever been sprayed?

    I loved learning about adorable animals!!!

    Best Wishes,

  5. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    Out of all the animals that were presented at the assembly, my favorite is the Barn Owl. Barn Owls can't move their eyes and have to move their heads to see things. Did you know, Barn Owls are found on all continents except Antarctica?

    Like the Barn Owl, hawks are found on all continents except Antarctica. The hawk was my second favorite animal. Hawks are birds of prey and their relatives are vultures and eagles. Hawks eat by tearing little pieces of flesh off, swallowing them and spitting up the bones and fur. They live in cliffs, trees and on the ground.

    I like birds!

    Best wishes,

  6. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    My favorite animal was the cute little doggie.

    The Macaw was cool because it could speak. No matter how old it is it acts like a 2 year old.

    I liked all the animals because they looked soft.


  7. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    The Nature of Wildworks Assembly looked very informative. It seems like you all learned very interesting facts about the animals.

    The Opossum was my least favorite. They look scary to me. I remember seeing them run across our street at night and their eyes would glow at us.

    The skunk was cute. I don't like the way they smell. I got to hold a baby skunk when I was working on a film in Texas. It was as big as my palm, when they are that young they are unable to spray you with their smell.

    I am not a big fan of birds but the Owl was very majestic looking. Their face is lovely.

    I sure hope you all enjoyed the assembly because I really enjoyed looking at it on you class blog.

    Yours truly,
    Mrs. Coblenz

  8. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    My favorite animal that I saw was the fox, it reminded me of the fox I saw in England. During my visit to England I fed the fox that comes into my Grandma's garden. He liked to eat all of the food left over.

    Secondly I liked the barn owl, I can't believe that he weighed under 1 pound! They like to hunt for mice to eat. Owls are nocturnal and when they fly you can't hear them at all.

    Lastly the skunk is so funny because of how it sprays other animals. I am glad that I have not met a skunk in my garden, I don't want to be sprayed.

    To sum up, I think all of those animals are really amazing and so much fun to look at.

    Best wishes,


  9. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    All the animals were great, but if I had to pick one it would be the
    ferret. I liked the ferret because they seem very soft and furry to me. I learned some facts about ferrets. Male ferrets grow up to 25inches and females are usually smaller. Learning about all the animals was magnificent!


  10. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I watched the slide show of the animal assembly and really liked the barn owl. I loved his heart shaped face and thought his eyes were beautiful. I can't believe how big his wings spread out. To think, you really can only see them awake at night.

    It was also good to know that they removed the scent glands from the skunk; otherwise, everyone there would have needed a bath! Luckily, I heard you didn't have to smell the ferrets odor, either.

    Mrs. Bartok :D :) :-) :-D

  11. Dear Mrs.Ranney,

    My favorite animal was the fox. It is my favorite animal because it was one of the only times it came to the show. My second favorite animal was the owl. It was my second favorite because you can crush his head. I like learning animals. Have you ever seen a owl or a fox?

    Jake :D


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