Monday, March 8, 2010

Animal Research!

Mrs. Ranney's class is finishing up a reading unit called

Animal Habitats.

We read Nights of the Pufflings. It was about some children in Iceland who rescue pufflings.

Another story called, Seal Surfer, was about a boy and his grandfather who befriend a mother seal and her pup.

Our final story, Two Days in May, is about an urban community that must solve a wildlife problem.

Use the Online World Book Encyclopedia
to research information about animals.

You may also use one of the animal links on Mrs. Ranney's Website
to find your animal facts.

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Which animal story did you like the best and why?

Leave us a comment with facts you've learned about an animal!

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  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    My favorite story is "Two Days in May". The reason why I enjoyed this story the most is how all the neighbors came together to rescue the deer. I love teamwork!

  2. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I love the three stories that we have been reading about animals. The story of The Nights of the Pufflings, is my favorite because of the way the animals launch into the ocean and how the puffins look. The Seal Surfer was touching how the boy in the story and the seal became friends. The last story, Two Days in May, is about a girl trying to help deer that got lost in the city. I think the story is sweet, because the girl helped the deer, instead of following the law.

    Last Sunday, I went to a Cub Scout meeting, and we had a Wildlife Animal show. We got to see rare birds, lizards, alligator, small monkey, and a Fennec Fox. I adored the Fennec Fox because it had great sense of hearing, and it only weighed 2.2 pounds. Its fur is fluffy, light brown, and it had large ears.

    I love learning about animals and where they come from.


  3. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    Out of all three of the books, my favorite was Two Days In May because deer are some of my favorite animals. Also, I think they are interesting and active animals. One fact I found is cheetahs can run up to 50 to 70 miles per hour. Another fact is they weigh 77 to 132 pounds.


  4. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I liked "Two Days In May" because it was about a real life issue. The deer came from the wild and wandered into a city. There was a protest between the wildlife rescue organization and the animal control office.

    The animal I chose to research was the wolverine because it's the name of my basketball team. One fact about a wolverine is that they live in the tundra. Their usual homes are Asia, Europe, and North America. Their main animals to hunt are the reindeer and caribou. Their nickname is “glutton”, and they have a heavy body and short legs.
    Obviously, I enjoyed reading this story and researching the wolverine.


  5. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    We looked up entertaining facts about grizzly bears. They are usually white or silver colored bears. When they eat, the can consume up to 90 pounds of food a day, and grizzly bears are very large and powerful creatures. These powerful bears eat grass, leaves, insects, roots, and berries. In winter the bears sleep in warm, cozy dens. You will find these fascinating bears in Alaska and Canada. People should protect the silver bears from losing their habitat. The babies are called cubs, like our school password to World Book. The adults are 6 to 8 feet tall, and weigh up to 400 to 600 pounds. Surprisingly, their nickname is silver tip, just like in the entertaining story, Badger Claws. Also, they live in western North America. Sadly, there are only a small amount of grizzly bears in Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Cubs stay with their nice mothers until they are 1 and a half to 3 and a half years old.

    Our favorite book is the Seal Surfer. We liked it because it had lots of entertaining things, and it had lots of amazing high level adjectives!!! What was your favorite book and why?
    Best Wishes,
    Andy and Cameron

  6. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    The other animal I researched was a rhea. It is a South American bird that cannot fly. It's referred to as the South American ostrich. The difference between them is the rhea has 3 toes and an ostrich has 2 toes.

    I never heard of a Rhea till this morning!



  7. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    My favorite story from the Animal Habitats books was Two Days in May. I liked this story because it is about a girl living in the city who sees a deer in her backyard.

    The animal I am doing research on is the bunny rabbit. I learned that bunnies live through out the world and in many different climates. Newborn rabbits have no fur, and are blind. Newborn hares have fur, and their eyes are open. Bunnies have many different enemies. Bunnies that are pets live between 10 to 15 years, but wild rabbits live to about 6 years only. European rabbits live in large colonies called forms. In spring and summer they eat green leafy plants. They also eat beans and lettuce. Bunnies are my favorite animal because they are cute and fluffy, and I love the sound they make. That is why I picked this animal!

  8. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I liked Two Days in May because I like deer, and it was an interesting story to read.

    The animal I researched was dolphins! One fact I found was that dolphins are warm blooded. They are intelligent animals. Dolphins range from 4 to 32 feet long and weigh from 100 pounds to 10 tons.

    The most familiar kinds of dolphins are the bottlenose dolphin and the common dolphin.
    All in all, I loved reading Two Days in May and researching about dolphins!



  9. Dear Class,
    I am very proud of the comments that have been made so far. We worked hard today to make each one perfect!

    @Roxana - I loved how you identified the teamwork in "Two Days in May." I think the Icelandic children in "Nights of the Pufflings" used teamwork too!

    @Garrett - You wrote very thoughtful comments about each story. I also really enjoyed hearing about the Wildlife Animal Show at you Cub Scout meeting. I love Fennec foxes too. Do you know why their ears are so large?

    @Liam - Cheetahs certainly are speedy mammals! I had no idea that they could range so greatly in size.

    @Carson - Kudos on using such great vocabulary in your comment! Your facts about wolverines are very interesting. I'll bet most people don't know very much about them. I love how their nickname is glutton!

    @Andy and Cameron - It was great to read about grizzly bears, especially since we know a little about them from Old Silver Tip in Badger Claws. They certainly are fascinating and powerful creatures. You might like to look for a blog post about them from last year on Mrs. Yollis' blog. I has some amazing photographs and video!

    @Natalie - Your facts about rabbits are very intriguing. I love learning little - known facts like the one about forms.

    @Carson - There you go again with another interesting and rare animal - the rhea! You are doing some fabulous research!

    @Marisa - Thanks for your great research about dolphins. I had no idea that they could weigh up to 10 tons!

    Keep up the good work!
    Let's see everyone getting involved in animal research!
    Mrs. Ranney

  10. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I did research on the seal because the whole class read Seal Surfer and it was a good story.

    Seals generally live along the edges of continents and islands. Seals belong to a group of animals called pinnipeds. The Bailkal seal lives in a lake called Bailkal in Russia. Seals live mainly in the northern Pacific Ocean. The male seals weigh up to 8,800 pounds. Some seals live up to 25 years old. I liked researching about seals!



  11. Dear Marisa,
    Thanks for researching seals and finding information for us about them. I know the class will enjoy reading the facts you have shared here!
    Mrs. Ranney

  12. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    The animal I reasearched was the Killer Whale. Did you know that males are 19 to 27 feet long. They live in North America, Iceland, Antarctica, Norway, and Japan. It's in the marine dolphin family. Their prey is salmon, fish, squid, porpoises, seals, and whales. Another name for them is the orca.

    I reasearched the Brachychampsa Montana alligator. Their fossil was discovered in Montana's Hell Creek formation in the cretaceous tertiary. Extinction wiped out many of Earth's species some 65 million years ago.


    Carson and Jack

  13. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I really enjoyed reading all of the books, but my favorite story is "The Nights of the Pufflings". I liked it because the children save all of the pufflings and set them free at the end of the story.



  14. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    My favorite story was "Two Days in May" because the neighbors rescued the deers. I also like learning about deers.

    The animal I research was a cheetah. It is the fastest land animal,reaching speed between 112 and 120 km. It is a member of the cat family. The king cheetah has a unique coat pattern. Cheetah's usually hunt at night. The diet of a cheetah depends on the area it lives.

    I also researched about the great white shark. It is the largest known fish. It can exceed 20 feet in length and 4,940 lb. in weight. The great white shark eats dolphins, seals and sea lions.

    I really like learning about animals.


  15. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    Out of all the amazing animals, I liked the hamster the best. I looked up facts about the hamster on World book. I found out that there is 15 different kinds of hamsters but, the most well-known two are the Golden hamster and the Common hamster. The Common hamster has light-brown fur on its back and black fur on their bellies while the Golden hamster has reddish fur on their back and white fur for their bellies. Golden hamsters are 7 inches and 18centimeters long. Common are 11 inches and 28 centimeters long. They both live alone in holes very deep in the ground. Both of them are very active at night. They both eat fruits, seeds, and green leaves. They carry their food in small pouches in their cheeks. Both of them are healthier when they have lots of things to do. People often find hamsters in Asia and Europe.

    I love learning about animals.

    Best Wishes,

  16. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    My favorite story is "Two Days In May." I picked that story because deers are my favorite animals. I reaserched a good fact about deers. The fact I found is in the Pacific Northwest, deer are called black tailed deer. All the stories were great!

  17. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I loved Two Days In May because of all the effort the peaple put into saving the deer.
    I went on National Geographic and I found the Atlantic puffin. The Atlantic puffin lives most of its life on water, and they fly in the air and in water. Their wings are like paddles, and they use their webbed feet to steer. They hunt under water to catch fish. The Atlantic puffin feeds on small fish called Sand Eels. Usually the Alantic puffin stays under water for 30 seconds. Did you know the Atlantic puffin can swim down 200 feet deep? The Atlantic puffin is a very fast flyer even though it spends most of its life on the water. They can soar through the air at 55 miles per hour. Did you realize that's as fast as a car goes on the freeway? It flaps its wings 400 times per minute. I loved researching the Atlantic puffin.


  18. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    My favorite story was Seal Surfer because it was about a boy who saw a seal at the sea shore, and became friends with the seal. It was very exciting when the seal helped the boy get up to the surface. The seal saved the boy after the boy fell of his surfboard, and his nose and mouth got covered with sand.

    The animal that I researched about was a gorilla. I chose to write about a gorilla because gorilla's are one of my favorite animals, and I remember watching the movie King Kong. The main character of King Kong is a gorilla. Did you know that gorilla's are the largest of all the apes? Male gorilla's weigh up to 450 pounds. Females weigh half as much as the male gorillas, which is 225 pounds. Gorilla's live in family groups, and are vegetarians. Gorilla's are found in the dense West African Forests. Most gorilla's have black fur. Sometimes they can be nice, but they're usually mean.
    I think that researching animals is fascinating and thrilling!

    Best Wishes,
    Andrew S. :D :) :-)

  19. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    We really enjoyed reading the book Seal Surfer because it was about a boy who became friends with a seal. It was funny when the boy and the seal were surfing together. Our favorite part of the story is when the seal saves the boy by heaving him back up to the surface.

    The animal we looked up was an alligator. Alligators are related to crocodiles. Male alligators grow 11 to 12 feet in length. Female alligators lay 20 to 60 eggs at once. Baby alligators are about 9 inches long. In the winter, alligators remain underwater. Alligators eat meat. That is bad for us because our skin is made out of meat!!! Alligators live to be 50 to 60 years old. Males weigh 450 to 550 pounds. Some alligators live in swamps. For example,
    they live in the Everglades.

    We thought that researching alligators was very fascinating.

    Andrew S. and Jake

  20. Dear Mrs.Ranney,

    The animal I researched was the mountain lion. The mountain lion is the second largest wild cat in the western hemisphere. They live from Canada to southern South America. Male mountain lions weigh 110 to 150 pounds. Females weigh less than the males. They are 5 feet long. Babies weigh 1 pound. Babies keep their eyes and ears closed for 1 week. Mountain lions can't roar. I love doing research.

    Jake :D :) :-D :-)

  21. Dear Class,
    I'm so glad to see that so many of you have researched an animal and posted a comment.

    @Carson and Jack - Great team work, you two! You found very interesting facts about the orca and the Montana alligator.

    @Jessica - I'm glad you enjoyed "Nights of the Pufflings" so much. It's my favorite too. I hope you'll also do some research about an animal you are interested in.

    @Seruni - You did a wonderful job researching two completely different animals, one on land and one from the ocean. I was particularly interested to find out that a great white shark could weigh so much!

    @Sara - You found some fascinating facts about hamsters. Quite a few years ago, I had a hamster as a classroom pet, and I believe that it was a golden hamster. Unfortunately it was constantly getting out of its cage and chewing up papers in the classroom!

    @Leanne - Because you chose "Two Days in May" as your favorite story, it was great that you chose deer to research. How about finding out some more deer facts?

    @Eli - Puffins are amazing animals, and you certainly proved that with the facts you found! I could hardly believe that a puffin can flap its wings 400 times in a minute and can dive 200 feet below the water's surface!

    @Andrew - Gorillas are fascinating animals! With the male's hefty weight of 450 pounds, it is not hard to see why it is the largest of all the apes!

    @Andrew and Jake - Great team work, you two! Alligators certainly are incredible creatures. It's hard to believe that a baby one can be only 9 inches long, but can grow to an amazing 12 long by adulthood!

    @Jake - I have always been intrigued by mountain lions. Although they live in the hills near Calabasas, I have never seen one.

    Keep up the remarkable research everyone!

    Mrs. Ranney

  22. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I researched the crocodile. The croc is one of the largest reptiles. Crocs, gators, gavials, and caimals all look alike. Many crocs grow up to 10 to 12 feet long. Crocodiles can't walk on flat ground because of their webbed feet. Crocs eat fish, turtles, and birds; all of which they swallow whole. The largest croc was in the prehistoric times and it was 50 feet long. Today, they live in the Eastern hemisphere and North and South America.

    Jake :D :) :-) :-D


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