Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chumash Challenge!

Today we had an opportunity to experience
what it might have been like to be a Chumash Indian!

Our friends Karen and Ross from 
Camino Real Historical
and Historical Interpreters 
provided us with activities from  
The Natural World of the Chumash!

Please enjoy the slide show, and leave a comment to tell about 
what you enjoyed doing and what you learned!

The Creative Hard-working Chumash! on PhotoPeach



What activity did you most enjoy and why?

What facts did you learn?

Do you know some other Chumash facts that you can share?  


  1. Rain and Eilat (Rain's mom)March 6, 2013 at 8:00 PM

    Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I liked grinding the acorns the most. It was really fun, and I enjoyed not having a time limit for this activity.

    Some things that I learned about the Chumash are:

    1) Beads made from olivella shells were used by the Chumash as a form of money (currency).
    2) The Chumash people used to eat black abalone, the Pacific littleneck clam, red abalone, the six-sided tusk shel, the bent-nosed clam, ostrea lurida oysters, Pacific littleneck clams, angular unicorn snails and he butternut clam.
    3) Anthropologist have been collecting Chumash baskets. The two best collections are at the Smithsonian Institue and at the Musee de l'Homme.

    Rain and Eilat (Rain's mom)

  2. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    I was so pleased to participate in your Chumash assembly this morning. I was intrigued by all the information Ms. Karen and Mr. Ross shared with us. I enjoyed tasting the pine nuts, but I'm not sure if I liked the chia seeds. While the seed expansion was unexpected and fascinating, the slimy coating that developed after the first few minutes was a little unsettling!! Did you like the chia seeds?

    I also enjoyed spending time with each of you as we all practiced how to make acorn flour. It sure took a lot of time, energy, skill and patience to grind the acorns into flour. After grinding acorns with over 50 students this morning, we still only had enough flour to make 1 acorn cake!

    How may hours do you think it would take to make 2 acorn cakes for each member of your family?


    Alex's Mom

    1. Dear Alex's mom,

      I loved the chia seeds. I wish I could have a billion of them. I also loved the pine nuts.

      I think that it would take us 8 hours to make 2 acorn cakes for each person in my family.

      How many hours do you think it would take *you* to make 2 acorn cakes for each member of *your* family?


  3. Dear Mrs. Ranney

    My favorite activity would have to be making the stone bowls. I liked it because I would make one for my family for a crunchy salad, and then you would experience what it feels like to be a Chumash Indian.

    An interesting fact about what the Chumash Indians ate is they got most of their food from the ocean (for example fish and shellfish). They also ate from what they gathered from plants, roots, seeds, and nuts. I would eat everything the Chumash ate except ROOTS! That to me is disgusting!

    Would anyone else eat roots?

    Your Chumash loving student,


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