Monday, November 12, 2012

Geography of the U. S. A!

Recently we have been learning about geography,
the study of people and
 places on the earth.

We have learned about landforms,
or shapes on Earth's surface.

In addition, we have studied the regions,
or areas that share one or more features, 
of the United States. 


Here is an interactive quiz to help in practicing
 and reviewing what we learned! 
 Geography Quiz on PhotoPeach


What have you learned about geography?

What landforms or bodies of water have you visited 
in the United States? 

Which regions have you visited and what have you seen? 


  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    My brother went to Bass Lake for sleep-away camp. It is located near Yosemite. It takes 6 hours to get there by car. We live in Calabasas. My favorite region on the map is the Appalachian Mountains. I also love the map that Mrs. Yollis brought to our class.

    Does anyone know what region Calabasas is in?


  2. Dear Charlotte,

    Calabasas is in the Pacific Region.

    Yosemite is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and I've never been there. However, we often go to the Mammoth Mountain, which is on the other side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. My favorite activities at Mammoth are skiing, making snowmen, and going sledding.

    What is your favorite place to ski?

    Your friend,

  3. Dear Alexandra,

    My favorite place is Mammoth too! I am starting snow-bording. I love going sledding and making snowman. I try so hard, but it always breaks down, and I fail. You are right about where we live, and where Calabasas is.


  4. Dear Charlotte,

    My snowmen always break down too. It always seems so easy to make snowmen in the movies, but when you try it's much harder.

    When I ski at Mammoth I always see people snowboarding. It seems very exciting because you can do jumps in the air. One day I will try snowboarding on bunny slopes.

    Have you started snowboarding yet?

    Best wishes,


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