Monday, October 29, 2012

Positively Perfect Plurals!

Mrs. Ranney's class has been working 
recently on learning to spell 
plural nouns correctly!

There are so many rules about plurals to follow!

Did you know that plural nouns never use apostrophes?
Did you know that not all plurals have an s added to them? 

 Frogger has some plural spelling rules to share with you:

1. When a singular noun ends with x, ch, sh, or s, add es
Examples: box - boxes              bush - bushes
2. When a singular noun ends in a consonant and y, change the y to an i and add es.  
                 Examples: penny - pennies         fly - flies
3. To some nouns ending in f, simply add s.
                 Examples: chief - chiefs             bluff - bluffs
4. To other nouns ending in f or fe, change the f or fe to v and add  
                 Examples: wolf - wolves            leaf - leaves
5. Some singular nouns form their plurals in special ways. There is no rule for these, so you just have to memorize them!
                 Examples: tooth - teeth               mouse - mice


Frogger challenges you to use three different plurals in a comment!
Here is Frogger's example:

Dear Class,

Yesterday three flies landed on my lilypad. I tried so hard to eat them, but they got away!  I wonder how many of you children would want to eat flies instead of candies on Halloween? 

After missing the flies, I hopped off my lilypad into the water where I saw some geese paddling by. They were carrying some leaves back to their nests. I swam along, so I could say hello to their babies!

I'm looking forward to reading your comments full of positively perfect plurals!

Ribbit and regards,

P. S. Be sure to use html code to make your plurals bold!


  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    I am so glad that you are publishing a post about plurals!

    Last week, I found some mice running around on the shelves in my garage. I caught them and gave them to the pack of wolves that live next door.

    Today, my dogs found fourteen loaves of pumpkin bread on the shelves in the kitchen. Then I saw the dogs sharing the loaves with their puppies! Before they could devour them, I snatched the loaves away.

    Yesterday, I pole vaulted with nine other pandas. After the game, we consumed a bowl of cherries and our bamboo poles.

    Tomorrow, I will go with Bev and Mrs. Yollis to a concert in Beverly Hills. I will enjoy spending time with these two women. There are no children allowed at the concert.

    Plurally yours,

  2. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    I like Frogger's challenge. My favourite plurals are the rule breakers in number 5. They don't have a rule of their own.

    I think many of these unusual plurals come from non English words we now use in English. Here are a few...


    Well done, Frogger, for giving your class an interesting challenge. I wonder what plurals they will use? :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    1. Dear Mr. Mannell,

      Thank you for writing a fantastic comment.

      We really think that your plurals are different and interesting. Our favorite plurals are cactus/cacti and radius/radii.

      Do you have any more interesting plurals to share, and if you do, are they rule-breaking or add es?

      Jackson and Cate

  3. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I like all different kinds of candies but my favorite is a Hershey bar. My Mom wishes I would eat fruits and vegetables on Halloween.

    Halloween is great because I get to see children in cool costumes.

    Best Wishes,

  4. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    Tomorow is my favorite holiday of all, Halloween. We dress up in costumes such as wolves, vampires, and many more then we go walking up and down the street and get candy.

    Another holiday I like is Fourth of July because we see fireworks and have a barbecue. My family usually goes up to our neighbor`s house and they cook hambugers and hot dogs.

    Wow I like a lot of holidays!

    From your plural liking student,

    1. Dear Jackson,

      We did dress up as some costumes. This is what I wore. I wore a ghost. In school I wore devil horns. I saw many many other people wearing devil horns too such as: Chloe, Aashi, Grace, and Savannah.

      Another holiday I celebrate is Christmas. The real thing about Christmas is actually Jesus' birthday, not only about getting presents. Did you ever know that?


  5. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    My backyard has a lot of plants. There are roses, bushes, vegetables, and of course trees. My favorites are the roses. The petals of the most colorful rose are orange and yellow blended together. Few of them have a really good scent. They almost smell like peppermint tea. Once when my friend came over, we made perfume with rose petals and water.

    As winter gets closer, there are fewer flowers on the roses. I can’t wait until spring comes so new rose buds appear.

    What is your favorite color of rose?


  6. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    My favorite holiday is Halloween. I definitely like getting candies instead of sitting around in my house playing cards.I like seeing all the costumes and decorationson the houses. I hope I get a lot of candies this year.

    Your plural loving comrade,

    Aidan F.

  7. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    My favorite holiday is Halloween. I definitely like getting candies instead of sitting around in my house playing cards.I like seeing all the costumes and decorationson the houses. I hope I get a lot of candies this year.

    Your plural loving comrade,

    Aidan F.

  8. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I can't wait until tomorrow. It will finally be Halloween!

    My favorite part of Halloween is definitly all the candies I get. My favorite candy is milky way.

    Once on Halloween my costume got stuck in some rose bushes and my mom had to release me from the thorns. That was funny.

    Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday!

    Best Wishes,

  9. Dear Ms. Ranney,

    Tommorrow is one of my favorite holidays... Halloween!!! I love the candies and all the costumes.

    I get together with all the neighbors, and collect so much candy.

    Another holiday I love is Hannuka, because we recieve lots of presents and play dreidel games with my family. I also like to go to parties, light the candles and meet with my friends.

    Those are my two favorite holidays!!


  10. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    For Halloween I went with most of my friends to Parkway Calabasas. I was an inflatable football that had a sign that said Kick Me. I also fell in some bushes. We received a lot of candy and when we got home we watched the Lakers' game.


  11. Dear Mrs.Ranney

    It is Bella from your class last year. I see that you guys are learning about plurals. Last year my Brownie troop went on a wilderness field trip and saw lot of animals and plants. We learned all about different species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. We even learned how to make tree sap edible.

    Have fun and learn a lot.

    Best Wishes

  12. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I love learning about plurals! I don't mind having to do plurals. A lot of children don't like plurals. Some do! Exactly like me! My favorite plural is probably candies , just because I had a lot of candy on Halloween night.

    This is not homework.


  13. Dear Mrs. Ranney.

    Of all the Halloweens we have spent together thus far, this past one was the most fun. This year, the entire family -- which for us is Aidan and his mom and dad -- went trick-or-treating with a bunch of Aidan's friends. Aidan dressed up as Harry Potter. He had an owl (Hedwig) perched on his left shoulder and a Nimbus 2000 in his hands. Mom was dressed as Hermione and carried a pile of books and Dad was dressed as Hagrid and stood almost as tall. We had an especially fun Halloween because we did it in plural form, as a family!

    Hope all the kids in your class and your family had a wonderful time, too.

    -Aidan's mom, Kari


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