Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is a special day, first celebrated in 1908, 
to honor our mothers!

My Mother, my friend so dear
throughout my life you're always near.
A tender smile to guide my way
You're the sunshine to light my day.

Enjoy sharing this musical Mother's Day tribute 
with your mother!

It is sung by Mrs. Ranney's and Mrs. Yollis' Classes
under the direction of Mrs. Adler, our music teacher.

What did you do to honor your mother and celebrate Mother's Day?


  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney's Class,

    I hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day! I know I did! It started off with my kids making me breakfast in bed, and then was followed by brunch at my mom (and dad's) house! I ate well today!!! I also received a beautiful ring as my gift! I must say though, I enjoyed my home made card from Hayley the most!

    Best Regards,
    Rori (Hayley's mom)

    1. Bella and HayleyMay 14, 2012 at 12:14 PM

      Dear Rori,

      Thank you for leaving an excellent comment. What did Hayley and her brother make you for breakfast? Did you think it was the best breakfast in the world? It looks like you had an interesting day.

      What did the ring look like?

      Please write back,
      Bella and Hayley :) ♥

    2. Dear Bella and Hayley,

      Hayley's brother, Reed made me an excellent omelette with cheddar cheese and avocado. Hayley cut some strawberries for the side, and served me my coffee. Then, we went to my mom's house for some bagels and more delicious food. I forgot to mention on my last post that Hayley's step dad, Shawn made an incredible dinner of tri-tip, sweet potato, and steamed zucchini and broccolli. It was quite a delicious day.

      My ring is made out of a stone called citrine and has some diamonds in it, too! A truly successful and meaningful Mother's Day. I am a very lucky mommy!

      Best Reagards,


  2. Dear Mrs.Ranney And Class,

    For Mother's Day my family went to eat at my mom's favorite place. We had a great time together. My mom loved the card I made with my brother. After we ate, we went to see a wonderful movie.
    Best Wishes,

  3. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    We began the day with a cup of coffee for my mom in bed. The best part about Mother's Day was when we all went to the Dodger game. We had an amazing time at the Dodger game, and the best part was that we won!

    See you all tomorrow,

    1. Quynh-Anh and GraceMay 14, 2012 at 12:16 PM

      Dear Oliver,

      It sounds like you and your mom had a great Mother's Day! Did your Mom enjoy the Dodgers game?

      I gave my mom a beautiful necklace and Grace gave her mom chocolate from See's Candies. I hope every mom had a great Mother's Day!

      Quynh-Anh and Grace

    2. Dear Quynh-Anh and Grace,

      My mom did enjoy the Dodger game, she is a huge fan of the Dodgers. What did you guys do with your moms on Mother's Day?


  4. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    What a wonderful rendition of Love Me Tender! Thank you. We had a wonderful Mother's Day and actually got to spend it with old friends from the east coast. We all moved to California and it was nice to be able to spend the day with old friends and their children.

    My favorite part of the day was waking up to homemade chocolate chip muffins that Annabella and her sister Gianna baked for me. They were delicious.

    I hope everyone had a great day!


    Gena (Annabella's mom)

    1. Bella and HayleyMay 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM

      Dear Gena,

      Thank you for the excellent comment. We hope you enjoyed the presents you received from your family! It sounded like you had a exciting, fun, busy day.

      What did you do with your wonderful friends?

      Please write back,
      Bella and Hayley :) ♥

  5. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    I had the most wonderful time on Mothers Day. My Nana, Papa, and cousins came to my house. I gave my Nana a treasure chest I made just for her. I also gave my Papa a Birthday gift. It was one of those spiny things that you can put in a backyard, but my brothers Birthday was on the same day!

    I got him a fake spiderweb, but when I told him that he ran out of the room because I forgot to say fake. We got my mom a box of See's Candy. They asked if we wanted an I love you sticker or a someone special sticker. We picked the I love you sticker, and we changed the I to we. I really enjoyed Mothers Day.

    Best Wishes,

  6. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    Thank you for the beautiful song, how thoughtful! On Mother's Day I usually get to relax as my husband takes over all duties; this year he is on location. That means that he is working on a movie, away from home. He is working on IRONMAN 3 in North Carolina, a movie you'll get to see next year. So, this year I got to spend the whole day with my sons, Aidan and Nate. Nate wrote me a note in beautiful, neat, cursive and drew me a great picture. He called me "epic," I loved that! My son Aidan sent me a funny electronic card, it made me laugh. As long as I have my boys, every day is Mother's Day to me; I love being a mom! I bet all the moms in Room 9 feel the same way.

    Mari Denlinger

  7. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    Mother's Day is a great holiday for my mom (Debbie). On Mother's Day I make a card for my mom or I make a portrait of her. This year, I did something new for my mom. I made a flower garden out of paper. I celebrate at my cousins house by going swimming.

    Were do you do to celebrate?
    Have a Happy day. Especially for your mothers.

    Warm Wishes,

  8. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    I love being with my family on Mother's Day. Sydney wrote me a very special note on my card. I love being with my kids everyday and they are my gifts all year long. On this Mother's Day we went to my sister-in-laws for lunch and swimming. We all had a great time. I hope all of the mom's had a really nice day too.

    Very truly yours,
    Deborah Goldflam

    1. Dear Deborah,

      Thanks for leaving a comment! I love it and I love you too. Speaking of loving , Happy Mothers day. I Hope you had a good one.

      See you in a second,

  9. Dear Mrs.Ranney and class,
    I celebrated Mothers Day in Mexico. In Mexico Mothers Day is celebrated on May 10, 2012. I had the best time ever.

  10. Dear Class,

    I had a fabulous Mother's Day.
    It started with a breakfast of eggs and toast.
    Then, I went to my cousins house to swim and eat.

    We had plain pasta, spaghetti, and many other delicious foods.
    I played pickle with my brother and 1 cousin. After dinner we watched a movie.
    What did you do on Mother's Day?

    Where did you celebrate?


  11. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,
    I sure hope you did somthing fun for Mothers'Day. I went to dinner at Something's Fishy.The food there was delicious.
    What did you do Mothers' Day? Why did you do it for Mothers' Day?

    Best wishes,

  12. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    Early in the morning on mothers day I made my mom pancakes, bacon and tea for breaktfast. She said it was very delicious.

    Then my mom opened her present. When she took the watch out of the box she was so happy, because it was exactly the same watch she was liked.

    All in all, it was a fabulous mother's day.


  13. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    It was 6:30am and there was noise coming from the kitchen downstairs. I really did not know what was going on so early,but my husband assured me that everything was okay and to continue sleeping. Almost an hour later I was awaken by 4 beautiful faces that were singing to me Happy Mother's Day!
    First of all I was served a beautiful breakfast on a silver tray that included home made heart shaped pancakes,scrambled eggs,and a delicious whipped yogurt topped with granola. MMMMM, it looked, smelled and later tasted delicious. I was also presented with special cards that were written and pictures that were drawn by each of my girls. To complete this special morning I was given a big hug and kiss which really made my day.
    Later that day, I treated my mother to a nice dinner out with the family.
    It was a great Mother's Day and an honor being a Mother!

    Best Wishes,
    Natali (Eve's Mother)

  14. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    I think that we sounded great in Love Me Tender! I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day. My mom did because we all got to spend time with friends from New Jersey. My favorite parts of the day were making homemade chocolate chip muffins with my dad which we surprised mom with for breakfast and swimming at our friends house.

    In my opinion Mother's deserve their own special day because they take so much care of you and your family,

    Bye For Now,

  15. Dear Mrs.Ranney and Class,

    For Mother's Day I went to my aunt's house to have dinner with my mother, grandmother, and my greatgrandmother. I honored my mother by helping her and preaparing breakfast for her. I truly enjoined Mother's Day this year.

    See you,

  16. Dear Mrs.Ranney and class,

    I woke up at 6:30A.M. just to make breakfest for my mom.I made chocalate heart pancakes,scrambled eggs,yogurt with granola,and on the side a glass of water. She told me she loved it!Then she opened her presents from me and my 3 other sisters.She loved the greetings cards we wrote her.

    Best wishes,
    P.S.It was not easy waking up,but it was worth it.

  17. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    I made my mom breakfast in bed on mother's day. My brother and I also made a card with a picture on it. We also got my mom a gift card. Later that day we went out to lunch with my grandma and grandpa. It was a really fun day.
    Best wish,


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