Monday, April 30, 2012

All About the Awesome Third Graders in Room 9!

We are the 25 third graders in Mrs. Ranney's third grade class. There are 12 girls and 13 boys in our class.
We are one of four third grade classes at our school, which has 587 students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

Here we are on Lucky Hat Day!

Our school is located in a suburb of Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America!

We hope you enjoy watching the slideshow about us!

All About Us! on PhotoPeach

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  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    Thanks for sharing such great information about your school! I have to say, one of my favorite things in the slideshow was the mural on the wall with the whales. That was incredible! I wish we had something like that in our school!

    What is your favorite part about living in California?

    Mr. Avery

    1. Maya and ArielleMay 1, 2012 at 10:49 AM

      Dear Mr. Avery and your class,

      Thanks for commenting on our blog. We also like our murals in our school. We like going to parks and playing in school on the playground. We also like blogging in computer class. What do you enjoy in your school?

      Maya and Arielle

  2. Dear Mrs.Ranney's Class,
    Your school looks great. It looks like you have a lot of nature around you. It also looks like you do a lot with technology.
    Mr.Avery's student,
    Bryan C.

    1. Dear Bryan,

      Thank you for saying that we do a lot with technology because we do. We also have a lot of nature around us. Sometimes we see birds and crows on our way to music, art, and computers. Do you have P.E. twice a week? Do you do a lot with technology?

      Also do you have the best time of your life at school. I do because I get to spend five days a week with the best teacher in the whole world. Mrs. Ranney is my favorite teacher in the whole school. Is Mr. Avery the best teacher in the whole world for you?

      Best Wishes,
      Grace (from Mrs. Ranney's class)

  3. Dear Mrs.Ranney's class,
    Hello I watched the video all about us.
    You are so lucky. It seems like you have everything outside! Do you have a cafeteria? Do you have a Smartboard in your classroom? Do you wear indoor shoes inside and outdoor ones outside? Hope you write back soon!

    Mrs.Watson's student,

    1. Dear Brooklynn,
      We do not have a cafeteria, and we can only wear tennis shoes.
      Vanessa from Mrs. Ranney's class

    2. Dear Vanessa,
      Thank you for writing me back.
      Why do you have to wear tennis shoes everywhere you go? Do you have a Smartboard? What are the names of some people in your clas (I know it would be to long of a reply if you told me all their names)? How many classrooms do you have in your school? Do you have books in your classroom like we do? Do you havea library?

      Mrs.Watson's student Brooklynn

  4. Dear Mrs.Ranney's Class,
    I like the laptops you use and they are cute! Are the
    laptops big or small?
    From Quang in Mrs. Watson's Class.

  5. Dear Mrs Ranney's class
    We dont have a cafeteria. I wish we did. Your school looks more fun than ours . I would like to visit your school. Do you have fun there? I like your blog. Why do you have your backpacks outside?

    Your blogging buddy,
    in Mrs. Watson's Class

  6. Dear Mrs. Ranney's class,
    We have six computers in our class five of them are laptops and the other one is just normal.
    What size are your computers?
    We have two small laptops and three big ones.
    I think it is cool that you laptops are white,ours are black.
    I think that it is cool that we both have computers in our class rooms.
    From Mia in Mrs. Watson's class (a gr.3)

  7. Dear Mrs. Ranney's class
    I loved your post so much. My schoo'ls assembles are in the gym. Are the commputers in your computer lab Mac computers or Dell computers? What kind of food do you have at your cafeteria? What are your favorite books or series? Mine is the 39 Clues
    Your blogging buddy
    (one of Mrs. Watson's gr. 3s)

    1. Dear Sophie,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog.
      The computers in the lab are Mac. We don't have a cafeteria.

      We just have a lunch area outside.
      It's kind of a cafeteria.

      My favorite series is My Weird school.
      My favorite book is The Submarine Pitch.

      Who is your favorite author, mine is Matt Christopher?
      Do you have any amusement parks there? I like to go to Disney Land, Universal Studios, and Lego Land.

      Your new blogging buddy,

    2. Dear Josh
      Thanks for replying to me. The computers in the computer lab are Windows. My school does not have a cafeteria. In my school we either have to bring our own lunch or go home for lunch. My favourite author is Gordon Korman some of his books are One False Note, Vesper Rising, The Emporor's Code,Schooled, Swindle, and Kindnaped 1 and 3
      Your friend,

  8. Dear Mrs.Ranney's Class
    What is your favorite port of school & do you fall a lot in PE (We are worried that falling on the blacktop would hurt a lot)? Would it really hurt? Has anyone fell this year yet? If they did I would not like to be them at all.
    Your blogging buddy,
    In Mrs. Watson's Class

  9. Dear Mrs.Ranney's Class,
    I was wondering what type of food you have for lunch? Our moms pack our lunches.
    in Mrs. Watson's class

  10. Dear Mrs. Ranney's class,
    At my old school I said allegiance too in the morning.
    Do you like reading? You guys are lucky, I love your playground!
    in Mrs. Watson's class.

  11. Dear Mrs.Ranney's class,
    I loved your video. You are so lucky to have such an amazing school! Do you like having to do a lot outside? I would love to do more outside, but it is too cold and wet here:( I really liked your canopy! You are really lucky. I wish we had a canopy, but we don't because of our weather. Again you are very, very, very, very, very, lucky:)

    Best Wishes,
    Kennedy <3 ( I am from Mrs. Watson's class)

  12. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,
    What is lucky hat day? I noticed some differences in size, you have as many boys in your class as we have in our entire class and the amount of kids in your class is the size of half of our school. In K-7 we only have 50 kids. What is the pledge of alligiance? What is the average weather? Ours is rain. Here is somthing similar about our school we both have gray schools.
    Your bloging buddy,
    From Mrs. Watson's Class

    1. Dear Karin,

      Thank you for writing a comment on the blog.

      Lucky Hat Day is a day where we wear hats with lucky things on them.

      The Pledge of Allegiance is a promise we make about our country.
      You're lucky you rain there because we have really hot weather.

      In the warm weather, I enjoy going to the beach.
      What do you do in the rain?
      What is your favorite subject?


    2. Dear Josh,
      We don't have lucky hat day. Is lucky hat day fun?
      Your lucky to have hot wether since here it is so cold and wet we get snow in April some times.
      When there is light rain I go outside and run around. When there are puddles I jump in them. When there is heavy rain I stay in side.

      My favourite suject in school is math. I like math the most when it is tricky. What is your favourite subject in school?

      Your budy
      Karin:) in Mrs. Watson's class

    3. Adam &amp; JoshMay 4, 2012 at 9:13 AM

      Dear Karin,

      Thank you for visiting our class blog.
      Lucky Hat Day is extremely fun.

      When we have rain which is unusual, we play in side with white boards.
      Our favorite subject in school is also math.

      When it is raining, what do you play inside?
      What time do you have lunch and recess? We have lunch at 12:15 and recess at 10:00.

      Adam and Josh

  13. Nate and MichaelMay 1, 2012 at 11:03 AM

    Dear Mr.Avery,

    Thank You for commenting to us! Our favorite thing about California is the warm weather. We like swim with our friends at the beach. Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Best wishes,
    Nate and Michael

  14. Dear Mrs,Ranney and her class,
    I wish I lived in California.
    Why do you hang your backpacks outside?
    We hang our backpacks inside.
    We have 13 kids in our class, how many kids in your class?
    If you had a class pet in your class what would you have and what would you name it?

    From Ana.
    I am from Mrs. Watson's Class

    1. Dear Ana,

      Thank you for visiting our class blog.
      We hang our backpacks outside because our class does not have any hooks inside.
      Our class has 25 kids in the whole class.
      If we had a class pet, we would have a hamster named Fuzzy.
      Do you have a class pet? What is your favorite book?

      Adam & Aviv

    2. Bella and SydneyMay 3, 2012 at 11:21 AM

      Dear Ana,

      Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving a great comment. We hang our backpacks outside because it is hotter here. We have 25 kids in our spectacular class and about 20 classrooms at our school. Our wonderful school has 587 kids! How many kids do you have in your amazing school? If we had a class pet, we would want a coyote cub because it is our school mascot and our logo. We want want to name it Chappy the cub.

      Please write back.

      Best Wishes,
      Bella and Sydney :)

  15. Hi Mrs Ranney,
    We have 23 students in our grade in 2MD.
    When we go into Mrs De Vries’s grade we have 45 students altogether. We have computers as well. Do you have interactive whiteboards like us?
    From your friends in 2MD,
    Aariz and Alex :D.

  16. Dear Mrs. Ranney’s class,

    We really like your slide show all about you.
    You have mountains that are beautiful.
    We don’t have mountains in Leopold we have hills called the You Yang’s in the distance.

    From your quad-blogging buddies
    Annais and Alexia 2DD Leopold

  17. Dear Mrs. Ranney’s class
    We enjoyed watching the slide show.
    We have a big school too and we have over 700 kids. We also have a basketball court too.
    We call kindergarten prep. Our little sisters are in prep.
    From your quad-blogging buddies
    Caitlin and Hannah (2DD Leopold)

  18. Dear Mrs. Ranney’s class,

    We really like your slide show all about you.
    You have mountains that are beautiful.
    We don’t have mountains in Leopold we have hills called the You Yang’s in the distance.

    From your quad-blogging buddies
    Annais and Alexia 2DD Leopold

  19. Dear Mrs Ranney’s class.
    We really enjoyed your slides show.
    We’ve got a computer room to.
    We have over 700 people.

    From your Quad blogging buddies
    Harry and Brodie 2dd Leopold

  20. TO MRS Ranney,s class

    We like your slide show.
    Your school is very different to ours.
    Our school has 700 kids.

    From your quad –blogging friends
    Jhet and Sam 2DD Leopold.

  21. Dear Mrs. Ranny
    I liked your slide show.
    I wish we had mountains
    We have hills called the You Yang’s
    We have flags.we have a big school.
    From Seb 2DD Leopold

  22. Dear Mrs. Ranny
    I liked your slide show.
    I wish we had mountains
    We have hills called the You Yang’s
    We have flags.we have a big school.
    From Seb 2DD Leopold

  23. Dear Mrs. Ranney’s class,

    We liked your slide-show about your school.
    We also like to play basketball here at Leopold.
    There are just over 700 kids at our school.
    We really love your murals!

    From Cooper, Rhyce and Lewis from 2DD at Leopold Primary School.

  24. Dear Mrs Ranney’s class,

    We have computers in our class room we do not use laptops. Mrs de Vries uses the smart board to show us things because it is bigger than a computer. We had a look at your blog it is awesome. We saw that you have pyjama day we wish we could have a pyjama day too.

    From your new quad blogging buddies Presley and Charlotte in 2dd Leopold. :D

  25. dear Mrs Ranney`s class

    We loved your slide show.
    We wish we had a p.j day.
    we love your school.
    we would love to have mountains near our
    school but we do hills called you Yangs.

    from lulu and lily 2dd

    1. Hayley and Eve ♥May 2, 2012 at 10:55 AM

      Dear Lulu and Lily,

      Thank you for you wonderful comment! We love hiking in our beautiful mountains. We put a lot of work into the slideshow,and we are very proud of all our hard work in class. Thank you for watching!


      Hayley and Eve ♥

  26. Dear Mrs. Ranney
    I liked your slide show.
    I wish we had mountains!
    We have hills called the You Yang’s.
    We have flags too.We have a big school.
    From Seb 2DD Leopold

  27. Dear Mrs.Ranney's Class,
    Your school is great. It is giant compared to our school. Our school only has about 230 students. Your school has over twice that many people. Our grade has only two classes.
    Mr.Avery's student,

  28. Dear Mrs.Ranney's Class,
    I liked your slide show. You are lucky you have halls out
    side. You have lots of kids. We have 49 kids from K to grade 7. How long have the paintings been up? We don't eat outside.
    Your blogging buddy,

  29. Dear Mrs Ranney’s class

    We have an art room just like yours. We like your art stuff that you are making.
    Do you like doing art?
    What day do you do art?
    We do art on Wednesday.

    From Darcy and Kobi in 2MD.

  30. Dear Mrs. Ranny’s class,

    I really like your murals.
    I wished we had murals wear we have lunch.
    I have a few questions for you
    How did you get the idea?
    Do you think you are under water?

    From your blogging buddies Lachlan & Wade in 2MD.

  31. Dear Mrs RANNES CLASS

    I like your mural.
    At my school I have a mural too.
    From your blog friend grace s.

  32. Dear Kennedy,

    Thank you for going on our blog. It is really nice to have hot weather here. I loved your amazing forest. I also loved your big play ground. My favorite thing about your great school is your wonderful classroom.
    I also like your like your huge gym. One different thing about my school is we don't have a cafeteria in our school . What is your favorite subject in school?
    Your Blogging Buddy,

  33. To Mrs Ranney’s class,

    Your slide show was very interesting. We do not have mountains but we have hills called the You Yang’s.
    I wonder why you use laptops instead of computers.

    From your quad blogging buddy

  34. Dear Mrs Ranney,
    We do not have a lucky hat day. Instead, we have had a heroes and role model day and a bandana day. We are not allowed to wear casual clothes because we wear a uniform, but we are allowed to wear normal cloths on dress up days.
    From Aariz and Alex in 2MD.

  35. Dear Mrs Ranney’s Class .

    We have assembly in Leopold too but ours is different. We have a student oath. We do not have the whole school together, we have 2 assemblies. We have prep to grade 2 and then grades 3 to 6. We have it at the gym.
    Our prep is what you call kindergarten.

    from Mia and Tamika in 2MD.

  36. To Mrs Ranney’s Class,
    I like the mural that you have at your school.
    We have a mural out the front of our school too but it isn’t as good as yours!

    From Cara & Grace 2MD.

  37. Dear Mrs Ranney‘s class,

    We liked the mural of the sea. We liked the shark and blue whale.
    What was your favourite animal? We wish we had a mural.

    From Liam and Bella 2MD.

  38. Dear Mrs Ranney’s class.
    We want to hike like you at the You-Yangs where we live. 2dd and 2md have never done hiking before.
    Have your grade done hiking before?

    From your Quod blogging buddy Seb and Harry

  39. Dear Mrs Ranny’s class,
    We would like to try your alphasmart but we don’t know what an alphasmart is. Can you tell us what an alphasmart is?
    From your blogging buddies
    Jacob and Wade.

  40. Dear Mrs. Ranney’s class,
    We enjoyed your slide show all about you.
    You have Bamboo Bars we also have Bamboo Bars
    But we are not allowed to play on them because
    We need to be in grade 3.

    From Alexia and Hannah in 2dd Leopold.

    1. Quynh-Anh and NicoleMay 4, 2012 at 11:20 AM

      Dear Alexia and Hannah,

      Thank you for your amazing comment. Since the Bamboo Bars are on the upper yard, only 3rd to 5th graders can play on it.

      What do you usually play at your at your school?

      Quynh-Anh and Nicole from Mrs. Ranney's Class

  41. Dear Mrs Ranney’s class

    At school we have two flags, an Australian flag and an Aboriginal flag.
    On the Aboriginal flag the yellow circle represents the sun.
    The red on the flag is the sand.
    The black on the flag is for Aboriginal people.

    From Kobi and Darcy in 2MD.

  42. Dear Mrs Ranney

    We can see that you have lunch at 12:30 pm. At our school we have lunch at 1:30 pm. We feel hungry at that time.
    We have a question for you:
    What time do you start school if you have lunch at 12:30 pm?

    From Ronan and James 2MD

    1. Dear Ronan and James,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our class blog. We start school at 8:15.
      I have some questions to ask you.
      What time do you start school? What time does school end? What is your favorite book? What games do you like to play in and out of school?


  43. Dear Mrs Ranney’s class

    I think you put lots of effort in to your slideshow . It was very interesting.

    There was a cool views from the mountains . We have mountains called You Yangs.

    From your quad blogging buddy Angie

  44. Dear Mrs. Ranney’s class,
    I like your slide show about your school.
    We have a basketball court and I do netball practice
    with my friends. Lately we have been playing soccer on the oval at lunchtime.

    From Hannah in 2dd Leopold


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