Friday, October 28, 2011

Colossal, Creative Collections!

Recently we read a story in class called "The Talking Cloth." In the story a special character, Aunt Phoebe, was called a "collector of life." 
Many of us have collections too.
Please enjoy reading about them.


Adam's Rare American Money Collection

     I have a collection of rare American dollar bills and coins. I began collecting them four years ago. In my collection, I have four two dollar bills, one Eisenhower dollar coin, eight presidential dollar coins, four half dollars, and four copper pennies.The Eisenhower dollar is most special to me because it was given to me by my papa. Definitely, I will keep collecting until I die!


Hayley's American Girl Doll Collection
       This is my amazing American Girl dolls collection. I started collecting when I was four. I now have six dolls, and I'm looking forward to getting more. I collect these dolls because they are so much fun to play with! They have so many accessories and pets! My favorite dolls are the 2011 girl of the year, Kanani and the 2010 girl of the year, Lanie. Kanani's Hawaiian and Lanie is Californian. Most of all, I think American Girl dolls are the best!


Andrew's Baseball Helmet Collection
     I have a lot of baseball helmets. I have red ones, blue one, dark blue ones, and ones that have two colors. I like them because they reminds me of my 7th birthday. That's when I started the collection. My favorite baseball helmet is an Angels one. It's my favorite because they are my favorite team. I will keep collecting different types of helmets forever!


Bella's Littlest Pet Shop Collection
      My collection is a Littlest Pet Shop collection. One of my favorites is the polar bear whose name is Snowflake. Another one of my favorites is the octopus whose name is Darla. I got my first few for Christmas when I  was little. Another thing I love about my collection is that they're all animals. I also have some of the houses. I like to collect them because it's fun to open up the package and find out which ones you have. I wonder what  collections other people have?


Eve's Smurf Collection
     My collection is an amazing smurf collection. When I went to the arcade, my mom got a smurf for her prize. When my mom got it, I decided that I wanted to collect them. Then my cousin got one, and she said I could have it. I was so excited that I got my second smurf. Then I got another one and another one.  That's how I got my collection. 


Grace's Rock Collection
      My rock collection is a very special to me. I got it when I went to my grandpa's house. We were at the beach when I got the collection. I found the rocks at a very sandy place near the shore. Then I found a very cool rock that had holes in it. That is my favorite rock. Then I asked my mom if I could make a rock collection. My mom said yes! I was so happy I could have a collection. Now I am looking forward  to collecting more rocks and getting to show people my collection.


Josh's Sports Card Collection

     My collection of sports cards is a valuable collection with many great players. I collect these cards because I really like sports and athletes. I started when I was very young. I have many favorites like: Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Kobe Bryant, Clay Mathews, and many other favorites. I keep this awesome collection in my room where I have millions of cards.


    Michael's Trophy Collection

          My collection is a trophy collection. I love my trophies because I like to admire them in my room. I received all of my trophies by participating in sports, especially basketball. When I look at them, I pretend that I am a famous allstar basketball player. I hope you can have a trophy collection too.      


    Sydney's Japanese Eraser Collection
         I have many Japanese erasers in my unique Japanese eraser collection. I have animals, balls,  foods, clothes, and things that you can travel in. I collect Japanese erasers because they are fun to play with and to trade. I started to collect Japanese erasers when I was four. I get my Japanese erasers in China Town, from toy stores, and from Card Sharks. I like the panda and the hamster the best. I think my Japanese erasers are awesome!


    Nate's Pokemon Collection
          My collection is a Pokemon collection. I collect these cards and other knickknacks because I like to play and battle with other people. My rarest card is my Deoxes and Raqayza legend. I got all of the items in my collection from the comic book shop. I started collecting  when I was four years old. I really like Pokemon!


    Maya's Glass Elephant Collection
        My collection is glass elephants. My first one was white and light brown. My second was a light pink and purple elephant.  I have a light green elephant too. I started when I was young. My favorite is a light pink elephant, and it is special because my great grandma gave it to me. I hope I can share my collection with you soon in person!


    Nicole's Japanese Eraser Collection
         I have many kinds of collections. This is my Japanese eraser collection. My four erasers that are in a little box are smelly.  I also have three little couches and a table. My other Japanese erasers are different kinds of food. I have a piece of pie, a tomato, milk, and bread. There's even a knife to slice the bread! I have three more erasers and those are a cat, ghost, and a spider. I hope you like it.   


    Quynh-Anh's Rock Collection
         My favorite collection is my rock collection. All of my shiny, rocks have different patterns and came from Lone Pine. I got my first rock when I first learned how to ski. My favorite rock is a light purple crystal because it was the first rock I ever picked out.  When I look at my collection, I feel proud because I think about the first time I went skiing and how much better I have gotten. I really like my collection and hope I can expand it soon.


    Gregory's Trophy Collection

         My amazing collection is my trophies. I treasure my trophies in my closet. When I see my collection I remember about all my track and field games and my basketball games. My favorite trophy is the silver one with gold stripes on the border. My first medal was golden and said on it, "Best Boys Basketball team." One of medals was made from real gold and has silver on the border. Absolutely, I love my trophy collection.   


    Oliver's Game Collection

          My awesome collection is an amazing game collection. I treasure my games because they are very fun to play. I keep my awesome game collection in a game box. My favorite game is TDU Raceway. I like TDU Raceway the most because I love driving my little car in my garage. My first game was called MLB 2K9. It is a baseball game. The last game I bought  was called Super Sluggers. One of my most precious games is a football game. It reminds me of my grandma because she got it for me on my birthday. Obviously, I love to play my games.

    Mrs. Ranney's Marvelous Mass of Magnets!

         My collection of magnets represents travel experiences I have had over the last sixteen years. I began my collection during a train trip that I took with my daughters and Mrs. Yollis’ in 1995. For this reason, the Amtrak and Great Northern Railway magnets mean a great deal to me. Since magnets are rather inexpensive and because I can see them everyday on my refrigerator, they seemed like a great souvenir item to collect! It is very difficult to select an absolute favorite. Two groups of magnets that are particularly precious to me are the ones from New York and Germany. The magnets from New York represent my daughter, Sarah, who lives there. I have visited her many times and have enjoyed all the sites, particularly the Statue of Liberty. Symbols of my daughter Kari, the magnets from Germany, are from places I visited with her when our whole family joined her for Christmas there in 2009. Definitely, I plan to continue collecting magnets everywhere I go for the rest of my life!


    Please leave a comment about our 
    Colossal, Creative Collections.

    Tell us which collection is the most 
    interesting to you and why.

    You can also include a bit of information about your own collection, if you have one!


    1. Dear Class,

      Our favorite collection is Andrew's baseball helmets.

      The reason that we like it is because we enjoy baseball.

      All these collections are clever and creative

      See you soon,
      Josh and Alex From Mr. Detamore's class

    2. Dear Class,

      My favorite creative collection is Josh's card collection because I also enjoy collecting basketball and baseball cards. In his collection, he has some of my favorites cards that I got to see when I went to his house. I enjoyed looking at everyone's creative collection.

      Happy Halloween,

    3. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

      My favorite creative collection is Quynh-Anh's rocks. I love that collection because they are so colorful and I collect rocks myself. I wish when I was in third grade at Chaparral, I was able to post comments on a blog too.

      Enjoy blogging,
      Brooke :) (Adam's sister)

    4. Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

      My favorite collection is Josh's sport card collection. It's really fantastic. I enjoyed Nate's collection as well because I also collect pokemon cards.

      All these other comments and collections are creative.

      Hope to see you around.

      Jacob (Joshua's brother)

    5. Hayley's Grandma LyndaNovember 3, 2011 at 7:57 PM

      Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

      My favorite collection is my antique purses. I have purses from the turn of the Century as early as 1910. I love to imagine who might have owned these purses and what their lives were like when they were using them. Some of them are beaded and very beautiful while others are silver and very small. In those days, women did not need large purses because they didn't have cell phones to carry around!

      Hope to hear lots of all your other comments,

      Hayley's Grandma Lynda

      P.S. I display many of them on the wall in our guest bathroom!

    6. Dear Gregory,

      I love your medals.
      The reason why I like your medals is because I really like sports.

      Which league do you play in?

      your friend,


    7. Dear Mrs.Ranney and class,

      Hi my name is Ethan. I am Maya's big brother. My favorite collection is Quynh-anh's rock collection. I like it because the rocks look like jewels.
      I also have a rock collection. I like to collect rocks from places we go to. I have rocks from Israel and Cancun.

      Ethan (Maya's brother)

    8. Dear Eathan,

      I like my rock collection because the rocks look like jewels too. How many rocks do you have in your collection? I have some rocks from Cancun but I have never been to Isarel before. My Cancun rocks are in a diffrent collection though.

      Best Regards,

      Quynh-Anh ♥

    9. Dear Brooke,

      Where did you get your rocks? I have another collection of rocks from the beach. How many rocks do you have collection?

      Best Regards,

      Quynh-Anh ♥

    10. Dear Mrs.Ranney and class,

      I liked everone's collection but the one that caught my eyes was Eve's Smurf collection. I don't collect them but I have one Smurf.

      See you tomorow,

    11. Quynh-Anh's momNovember 9, 2011 at 4:17 PM

      Dear Mrs.Ranney and Class,

      My name is Quynh, Quynh-Anh's mom. I like all the beautiful collections. My favorite one is Eve's smurf collection because it reminds me about my childhood and the smurf cartoons I used to read. I have several collections of cartoon books such as The Adventures of Tintin, Asterix, and The Smurfs. Did you watch The Smurf movie yet?

      Best Regards,

      Quynh ♥
      (Quynh-Anh's mom)

    12. Dear Quynh - Anh,

      I LOVE your rock collection. It has so many different shades and colors. The purplish color is my favorite! It looks like you take very good care of your collection because they are all so sparkly and shiny!

      See You Soon,


    13. Dear Maya,

      I love your elephant glass collection. I also have a elephant glass collection. My favorite color elephant is green. One other color elephant I like is red.

      Best Wishes,

    14. Dear Class,

      I (Adar) loves Adam's collection because it has different stacks of money. I (Adam)like Josh's collection because I collect cards too. Do any of you also have a collection?

      Adam & Adar

    15. Dear Quynh-Anh,

      I love your stone collection.
      Your stone collection looks very rare.

      Where do you keep them in your house? Where did you get them?

      I have a necklace collection at home. I keep my necklaces in a white, delicate box at home.

      I love your collection,


      1. Dear Melissa,

        I keep my stone collection in a special box at home. I got my stones in Lone Pine when I was on a skiing trip.

        Will you please tell me more about your necklace collection?

        How many necklaces do you have in your collection? Is the box you keep them in only white, or does the box have different colors?

        In case you're wondering what my favorite collection is, it is Adam's money collection because I also have a money collection. My money collection is a bit different from Adam's because I collect money from around the whole world.


    16. Dear Class,

      I have a collection of Bayblades.
      My best Bayblade is FireSegitereo.
      My most favorite Bayblade that I have is Galaxy Sun Pixes.

      My most favorite collection is Nate's Pokemon card collection.

      Have a good day,

    17. Dear Oliver,

      I love all of your wonderful games. My favorite is Baseball MLB2K8 because I love baseball.

      How many games do you have?

      Which one is your favorite?

      How long have you had your games?

      Please answer my questions,


    18. Dear Hayley,

      I loved your American Girl Dolls. Do you have a special place for them? I have two of my own, but you have many more.


    19. Dear Michael,

      Your trophy collection is beautiful. I love trophies because I love sports.

      What is your favorite trophy?

      How many trophies do you have?

      Do you like your trophies?

      I love your trophies,


      P.S. I have 30 trophies!

    20. Dear Mrs.Ranney,

      One fantastic collection are my Silly Bands. My Silly Bands are really colorful. My favorite Silly Band is the one shaped like a pig. I also like my dog Silly Band. One other collection I like is my shell collection. I find shells at the beach. My favorite shell is my pink one.
      Best Wishes,

    21. Dear Gregory,

      Your trophy collection is awesome! The only trophy I have is from basketball. I wish I had more. How did you get so many? You must be very talented!

      Your Friend,

    22. Dear Eve,

      I love your smurf collection. My favorite smurf is the one with long hair. The Smurfs use to be my favorite cartoon. Do you have more smurfs?

      Best Wishes,


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