Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flaunt Your Funny, Frivolous, Fabulous Fads!

Currently, Mrs. Ranney's Class is reading
Ramona Quimby, Age 8 
the wonderful, well-known author, Beverly Cleary.

We have just finished reading hilarious Chapter 3, "The Hard-Boiled Egg Fad!"

In this chapter, Ramona and all her third grade buddies are having fun with the latest fad: packing a hard-boiled egg in their lunches each day.  The fad isn't just about eating a hard-boiled egg, however! It's really all about cracking it on your head before you peel it!

  Some of the kids use the timid "rap-rap-rap" method.  Others, like Ramona, 
like to show-off with one big  "whack" to the head!

The fad is not so much fun anymore for Ramona, when she finds that the egg 
she thought was hard-boiled was really raw! Boy, how humiliating!


A fad is something that is very popular for a short time,
and fads can be a lot of fun! Fads often involve fashion, an activity, or some kind of toy or trinket.

In your comment, tell us about a fad that you know about.
What is popular right now? What has been popular in the past?

Family members and friends, this is a great post for you to get involved in! Tell us about fads that were popular 
when you were young!


  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I can tell you some fads that are popular right now. For example: electronics like IPad 2, and Iphone 4. I think I also remember some old fads such as: Kooky pens, and silly bands.


  2. Dear Mrs Ranney and class,

    I enjoyed your post about fads, as it got me thinking about some fads we had when I was a school girl. I remember the hula hoop fad- I had a red one! We had many other toy fads such as marbles, yoyos and skipping. Sometimes the playground would be filled with skipping ropes. It was quite a sight!

    Lots of the kids are into Yu-gi-oh cards at the moment.What's the craze on your side of the world?

    From your quad-blogging buddy,
    Mrs de Vries 3DD

  3. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    Did you know Beverly Cleary is my favorite author? The old fad I thought is an ipod. Now, people use the new ipod shufle.


  4. Dear Class,
    During my life, I have certainly seen many fads come and go!

    When I was your age, roller skating was very popular. Instead of shoe skates, we had metal skates that clamped onto our shoes. They were adjustable and had to be tightened and loosened with a key. One very popular fad was to wear our skate keys around our necks on a lanyard, which we made ourselves. I brought mine to school with me today!

    Later when I was in high school and college, some of the fads were wearing bell bottoms, making and wearing "love beads," and for girls, wearing our hair very long, straight, and parted down the middle. The "happy face" also became popular back in the 60's and 70's, as well as the peace sign!

    I am especially interested to read about the fads that your parents and grandparents remember!

    Mrs. Ranney

  5. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    Earlier in the school year, I remember that in one of my Reading Counts books it said that word fad in it. I asked what it meant, and you told me that it meant something that is popular for a while, and then it slowly fades away.

    Later that day, I asked my dad, What was a fad when he was a kid, and he answered that the Rubik's Cube was an enormous fad when he was a kid.

    Then, when I asked my mom what was fad when she was a kid, she told me that Dittos were very popular when she was a kid. Dittos are a type of fancy pants that everyone wanted to wear when she was young.

    I asked my mom and dad each once because they did not live in the same area when they were kids. My dad lived in South Africa, when my mom lived in Philadelphia, but then moved when she was five to California.

    I also remember that you told me a couple of fads when you were a kid. Here is one of the fads that I remember about when you were a kid. You told me that wheels attach to your tennis shoes to make roller skates, and you said everybody thought that you can only be popular if you wore them.

    Warmest Regards,

  6. Daphna (Ella's mom)April 15, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    One of the fads I remember from my childhood in Israel is marbles. Not only did we collect marbles, but we actually played games with them. Each type of marble had a different agreed-upon value based on its’ color, size, and design, with some marbles worth more than others. We used to barter and trade with marbles, but because the value was known to all and agreed upon, they were almost like currency (remember you learned about that in social studies?).

    Another fad was collecting apricot seeds. We actually ate the apricots only because we wanted to get the pits. We called them “gogoim”, and I actually do not know what the source of this ward is, because it does not mean anything even in Hebrew!

    I think that sometimes fads become very popular and fade away, but then make a come-back later on in life. Rubik's cubes, for example, were popular in the 80s, as Carly wrote her father recalled, but they came back a couple of years ago. Can you think of other fads that made a come-back?

    Daphna (Ella’s mom)

  7. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,
    When I was in third grade the girls wore mini skirts and leg warmers. We also wore decorated shoelaces in our hair like ribbons for our ponytails. Usually we wore two pony tails or braids.

    My favorite book series was about a girl named Pippy Longstocking. I also read Judy Blume books. I am not sure if these books are still popular.

    Another fad was jelly bracelets that were black or
    fluorescent colors. The braclets were thin like hair elastics but they were wider. The singers Madonna and Cyndi Lauper made theses bracelets popular.

    I know you all know Michael Jackson from your music lessons with Mr. B. Michael Jackson was very popular with boys and girls alike, he the break dancing move the moon walk very popular.

    All of the fads I am naming were In the early 1980's.

    I have enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

    All the best,
    Aidan's mom

  8. Dear Quad Buddies,
    What a great post and discussion! I remember several fads from when I was your age.

    Clothing fads included: anything neon, leg warmers, folding and rolling the bottom of our jeans so that they were skinny, acid wash denim, and jelly shoes.

    Playground fads included: playing hockey cards (propped them against the wall and then 2 people take turns shooting other cards at the ones against the wall from a fair distance back. Whoever knocked it down got to keep the card, Chinese jump rope, and marbles.

    How fun to remember when I was younger!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. W :)

  9. Dear Mrs. Ranney ,
    When I was in second grade one, of the fads was to have a lollipop in your lunch. One of the fads when my grandma and grandpa were in high school was to wear hip hugger bellbottom pants. Some more fads were to make gum rapper chains, wearing go-go Boots, doll-like-makeup and mood Rings. A recent fad was to wear and trade Silly Bands. I had a lot of fun learning and telling you about these fads.

    Best Wishes,

  10. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I know a fad that is going on right now at Boys and Girls Club and it is BeyBlades. BeyBlades are spinning tops. It is going away fast, but lucky, the new people that go to Boys and Girls Club like them. I really like BeyBlades.


  11. Greetings from Hawai'i,

    A fad that didn't fade away is collecting sports cards. I love to collect sports cards. I've been collecting them for half of my life. My dad and one of my aunts have collected them, so the gave them to me. I have about 5,000 of them right now. I hope to collect more.

    I've heard of many fads that all of you talked about.

    All the best,
    P.S. Hawai'i is three hours behind California.

  12. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    When my mom was in high school, having your hair cut in a bob and at the end curved under was a very popular fad. If you had bangs, the fad for my mom in high school was to curve your bangs under at the tips too.

    When my dad was in high school the fad was you knew how to break dance. Michael Jackson's music was very popular in high school too(I bet they would break dance to Michael Jackson's songs). Rap music was quite popular too.

    All the best,

  13. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    Shawn and I enjoyed reading about fads. We wanted to share some with you. When I was in second grade, handball was a fad, but it slowly faded away. Another fad is the cheese touch. The cheese touch is a cheese that if you touch it, you get the cheese touch.If you get it, you have to touch somebody else to get rid of it,and quickly cross your fingers. It also faded away slowly.

    Edo and Shawn

  14. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I remember a fad from second grade. The fad was Japanese Erasers. Everyone was collecting them and trading them, but by the time we got into third grade, they weren’t popular anymore. I still have my Japanese Erasers even though they’re not popular anymore.

    I think the fad of now is Monster High dolls. Monster High dolls are teenage monster dolls that are like Barbies. For example, they are both made from Mattel.

    I can’t wait to find out what the next fad is!

    Your student,

  15. Dear Mrs.Ranney,
    I hope we have another fad at our school, like in the book, Ramona Quimby, Age 8. The fad in that book is a boiled egg, I hope we have a fad that is a boiled egg. One fad that I remember from the beginning of the school year is silly bands. They are bands that are many different colors, animals, and things.


  16. Dear Mrs Ranney,

    This is Leah and Grace.

    In fifth grade, the fad for Leah's mom was to wear your hair in a side ponytail tied with a ribbon. Every once and a while, Leah would wear her hair like that for a fancy occasion.

    A fad for Grace's mom was to watch T.V. such as Strawberry Short Cake or Scooby Doo. To be cool, Grace's mom would of course watch them!

    We hope to comment again!


    Leah and Grace

  17. Suzanne (Leah's Mom)April 27, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class:

    I remember so many fads from when I was a child in the 1970's. They included:

    1) Platform Shoes: my mom wouldn't let me get them because she said I would break my ankle!

    2) Pet Rock: another big "No" from my mother. She said that it was a silly toy and that I would be bored with it after only one day!

    3) Feathered Hair and Bangs: this was another fad that presented a problem for me due my curly hair!

    4) Pop Rocks: this was a candy shaped like little pebbles. When you put them in your mouth, they made a "pop" sound. They were very fun and very tasty! Believe or not, my mom actually let me eat these!

    However, my favorite fad of all was my Mood Ring. It was a ring that changed colors as you wore it and your mood changed. A guide told you what each color meant.

    Blue = calm
    Black = nervous or upset
    Red = excited
    Green = happy

    These rings were popular with the elementary and middle school kids. I have noticed that moods rings and necklaces are making a come back. I have seen them for sale at "Justice". I may just have to buy myself one so that I can reminisce about my childhood days!

    Best reagrds,

    Suzanne (Leah's Mom)

  18. Dear Mrs. Ranney and class,

    When we were kids we loved to ride our bicycle, we used to ride to school and just about everywhere. Being kids we always wanted to have real bike with the sound and all, so we used to attach a piece of cardboard to the frame and made it touch the wheel spokes.
    When the wheel was turning a nice sound was heard and we felt like riding a real bike.

    Regards from Israel
    Nir (Ella's grandfather)

  19. When we were your age in was 1956 and most hip children wore saddle shoes with bobby sox.
    For play the hula hoop was invented.
    Girls wore skirts with a poodle on it and under ladies full skirts or dresses they wore crinolines. Today only square dancing ladies wear those skirts. However a tutu which girls wear today is quite similar to a crinoline that we wore under our skirts. Men wore tight pants and slicked their hair back and some had duck tails.
    Today young boys spike their hair.
    How times change.
    Grammy Gail and Grampy Bill

  20. Jamie :) and EllenMay 19, 2011 at 4:04 PM

    Dear Mrs. Ranney and Class,

    We so enjoyed reading all of the amazing comments about fads. When my mom was a kid, her favorite thing to do was to lay out in the sun during the summer and get very tan. She tells me that the radio station that she listened to even reminded people when to turnover so they wouldn't get sunburned. That was all the rage when she was in school.

    Another fad she remembers is the Flashdance sweatshirt. That was when all the girls would cut the neck of their sweatshirts, so they fell over one shoulder.

    She says that it is fun to think of the crazy things she used to do and to realize that many trends come back around.

    Now, there are an abundance of different fads like American Girl Dolls, skinny jeans, and playing handball that are likely to fade away.

    Jamie :) and Ellen (Jamie's :) mom)

  21. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    Two days ago my brother said that when he was little for the last day of school he would dress up in formal attire because it was a tradition he started for himself. Now I would like to carry on his tradition that he started.



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