Thursday, January 13, 2011

Magnificent Multiplication!

During the month of November, Carly and Jamie were both winners in our 
Family Blogging Month Commenting Contest!  
One of their prizes was to create a post of their own. 
They chose to work together. Please enjoy what Carly and Jamie created!

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We have been learning multiplication. Here are some tips.

We hope you learned some tips about multiplication.

What tricks have you learned or used for multiplication?

Do you know any other tricks for multiplication?
Who taught you those other tricks?

Is your favorite operation in math multiplication?

What is your favorite multiplication equation and why?

What is the first multiplication equation you learned?

Please leave us a comment and answer some of our questions!


  1. Dear Carly and Jamie,

    My favorite operation in math is multiplication. I've learned that with the twelves you have to multiply ten times the number first and then two times the number. Then you add the two sums together.

    I taught myself these tricks.

    I first learned the zeros. For zeros the answer is zero. Second, I learned the ones. For one the answer is the other number.

    All the best,

  2. Great job! Those tips really help. My favorite multiplication problem was was always 7 x 6 = 42 because one of my teachers taught me a little trick when I was a student. To help me remember, I always think of the sentence, "seven and six rode a bike built for two." If you do that with numbers it turns out to be, "7 and 6 rode a bike built 4 2." I hope that one helps you as much as you helped me!

    Mr. Avery
    Plympton, Massachusetts
    Mr. Avery's Classroom Blog

  3. Great job!. Your video can help a lot of students.
    Have you thought of posting your video on Teacher Tube? I ask because many of our schools will not allow our students to get on YouTube. Again great job and keep on making helpful video for students.

    Mrs. Matthews
    San Diego, CA
    Blog: Techie Lab Teacher Blogspot

  4. Dear Jamie and Carly,
    Thanks for all the wonderful multiplication tips. Now I can use those tips to help me with our multiplication time tests. I also loved your slideshow. I will be sure to follow those steps to help me with multiplication.

    Your Friend,

  5. Dear Carly and Jamie,

    Wow! Those are some great tricks!

    I have another trick for the nines. The tens digit in the product is always one less than the other factor. I noticed it myself. For example, 9x6=54.

    A trick I have learned for the nines is that after 9x5=45 the digits get switched. Mrs. Ranney taught us that trick. Do you remember?

    Multiplication is my favorite math operation because it is a faster way of adding.

    My favorite multiplication fact is 11x4=44 because 44 is my lucky number.

    I think my first multiplication fact I learned was 0 x anything=0.

    Your classmate,

  6. Congratulations Jamie and Carly. You have made a great video about Multiplication. You used clear voices and your hints were easy to follow. I hope that you will make some more videos, perhaps a series.
    I think Fractions would be a great topic with chocolate broken into halves etc.
    Great Work , Best Wishes, Yvonne Osborn.

  7. Dear Carly and Jamie,
    I LOVE your post. Thanks for the tips. Thanks to your tips, I think I will be faster at multiplication. Some of the tips you said I knew, but you gave some new ones too. Bye!

    Your Friend,

  8. Dear Carly and Jamie,
    I LOVE your post. Thanks for the tips. Thanks to your tips, I think I will be faster at multiplication. Some of the tips you said I knew, but you gave some new ones too. Bye!

    Your Friend,

  9. Dear Jamie and Carly,
    This is Jamie's sister Carly. I enjoyed your video. I know some multiplication tricks as well.
    You can flip the digits and come up with another product! (But it only works with nines)

  10. Dear Carly and Jamie,
    I know another trick for 11. 11 times a two digit number, like 32, will equal the tens place digit, then the sum of the two digits, then the ones place digit. For example 32x11=352. I hope you learn more fantastic tricks.

    From Jamie's sister and former Mrs. Ranney's student,

  11. Dear Carly and Jamie,

    WOW!! That was a fantastic video! I liked how in between each trick for multiplication
    you would say something like "Wow, that's a great trick."

    A trick I have learned is...

    When you multiply by four, you can "double double" [my mom taught me that]. For example, 4x7=28 but if you don't know that, you can "double double." All you have to do is add 7+7+7+7. It seems hard but what you do is first double 7 which is 14. Next you double 14 and you get the product which is 28.

    My favorite multiplication equation is 7x8=56. I like 7x8 because it is easy to's just 5,6,7,8!

    Again, Carly and Jamie, I thought that your blog post was sensational!!

    Your Friend,
    Leah :)

  12. Dear Carly and Jamie,

    I really loved your video! Those are very helpfull tips that I will use in case I forget my multiplication facts later in the year. My favorite operation is multiplication. The first multiplication equation that I have learned was probably 2x2=4. One trick that my mom taught me was that if you multiply anything by two it is just double the other factor.For example, 2x8=16 which is the same as 8+8. Well,you guys have taught me a lot of tips for multiplication!

    All The Best,

  13. @Aidan

    Great job on being the first one to comment on this post!

    I think that it is spectacular that your favorite operation in math is multiplication! One other thing that I think that it is amazing that you taught yourself some tricks.

    @Mr. Avery

    I think that it is great that you have your own class blog.

    I have some questions:

    Did you ever make a post about multiplication?

    If you have, then what did you have on the post?

    @Mrs. Matthews

    Thank you for complimenting me.
    I also think that it will be very helpful for students.

    I do not know if my teacher put the video on Teacher Tube. One thing that I do know is that she put it on You Tube.


    I am glad that you enjoyed the video, and that you are going to use the multiplication tricks!

    I hope that you enjoyed you the tricks!


    I am so happy now that I know that you liked the tricks!

    I think that your tricks for the nines is really magnificent! I think that I will use your trick too.

    One other thing that I wanted to say was I also think that multiplication is a way faster way of counting.

    @Yvonne Osborn

    Thank you so much for complimenting Jamie and me.

    I am glad that you think we had clear voices!


    I am happy that you enjoyed Jamie's and my post. I think that it is wonderful that you learned some new tips!

    Another thing, I think that you are smart because you knew some of the tips.

    @Carly and Danielle

    I think that your tips were great, I hope that you will tell some more great tips as well.

    I have a question:

    Do you like multiplication?


    Thank you for your fantastic complement!

    I think that your trick is very important.

    I hope that you can tell me some more tips that you know.


    I am so glad that you liked Jamie's and my video!

    Another thing that I am happy about is that you will use the tricks.


    I think that all of you are great commenters, and I hope that you enjoyed the video!

    Happy New Year!


  14. @Jordyn

    Thank you so much for your kind compliment. You are right that all the twos are just like adding. Also, I agree because multiplication is also my favorite operation.

    @Mr. Avery

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on our blog and leave a phenomenal comment! When I started learning multiplication, 7x6 was one of the hardest problems. I will definitely use your trick in the future if I ever have trouble with that problem. Thanks so much again for leaving such a fantastic comment!

    @Mrs. Matthews

    I very much appreciate you commenting on our blog! I have never heard of Teacher Tube, so can you tell me more about it?

    @Yvonne Osborn

    Thank you very much for commenting on our blog post! I am very glad that you took the time to comment on our post, leave an incredible comment, and give us a extremely kind and thoughtful compliment. I hope that Carly and I have another amazing opportunity to create another post!


    Thanks for the comment! I hope that the tips help you and everybody else improve in their facts or speed with the help of those tips.


    You are always the first one to comment on a post and I'm so thankful you did! I am very impressed that you taught yourself a trick for as tricky of a number as twelve. I also learned the zeros first because they seemed the easiest and they are!


    Great job leaving another fantastic comment! During class the day Mrs. Ranney told us the trick for the nines, Carly and I figured that we could use it in the video because it was an awesome trick. There are a lot more tricks for the nines than I thought! I have a question for you:
    Who taught you the trick for the nines?


    Thanks for saying that you loved our video! I hope you improve your speed for multiplication! Good luck! :)


    Great tip for the fours! I like the saying "double double". That is a very useful trick. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment to tell us it!


    Thank you so much for all of the sensational comments and all of the very thoughtful compliments! I hope everybody enjoyed the post!

    Best Regards,
    Jamie :)

  15. Dear Jamie and Carly,
    I liked your slide show.It was so good. Those were good tricks, but I've never heard those tricks before. Did you both write all those math facts because those were very good ones? I hope you had a lot of fun making the video. You had a lot of amazing tricks. Who wrote all of the math facts, was it Jamie or was it Carly or was it both? I think it was both of you. You both made some hard math facts.

    Your Student,

  16. dear mrs.ranney

    I learned a rule when using 7 as a factor/number

    7x9= 63

    from,Katie in mrs.webb-scheers' class

  17. @Gal

    Thank you for your amazing comment! Yes, we thought of the tricks together. I am glad that you liked the multiplication tips.

    I have a question:

    Are you going to use some of the tricks for multiplication?

    I hope that you will use some of the tips!

    Warmest Regards,

  18. @Jamie,

    Thanks for complimenting my writing.

    I observed that the trick for nines myself. No one taught it to me, but I think it's helpful.

    Your friend,


  19. Dear Carly and Jamie,
    You did a wonderful job! My first mutiputcation problem I learned was eight times one. One of my favorite times tables is twelve times twelve. What is your favorite equation?

    Natalie S.

  20. Dear Natalie S.

    Thank You. I don't have a favorite equation, but the first equation that I learned was:


    Wow, it is very interesting that your first equation that you learned was: 8x1=8, and that the first equation that I learned was 9x5=45! They are so different!

    Yours Truly,


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