Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dabbling with Decimals!

We have been learning about decimal numbers!

A decimal is a number with one or more digits to the right
of the decimal point.


0. 5 five tenths
0.25 twenty - five hundredths

Watch our slideshow to learn more!

Delving into Decimals! on PhotoPeach

Leave a comment, and tell us about the decimals that you have
noticed around you!


  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    It is super fun to learn about fractions and decimals. We have 10 phones in our cool house and 0.2 of them are downstairs. Every time we learn decimals, I get better and better. There are 0.50 magazines out of 100 in my dad's office.

    Best wishes,

  2. To my class & Mrs.Ranney,

    I have about maybe 20 Bakugan 0.10 out of the bag (ten 100ths')(estimated) & 0.90 in the box (which I'll eventually have to clean-up & put away)

    Evan C.#7

  3. To Mrs. Ranney's class,

    I enjoyed watching the movie you made, Dabbling with Decimals! It was fun to watch. I am amazed at how much you are all learning this year. Your math skills are great. Keep up the fantastic work!

    I am looking forward to the next blog...


    Mrs. Pollack (AKA Cameron's mom!)

  4. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    I think that learning about fractions and decimals is very interesting. My family has five televisions in our house, four-fifths(4/5) of them are flat screens. The decimal equal to four-fifths is 0.8. Using decimals and fractions makes me look at numbers differently, and it's a lot of fun.

    Andrew S. :D

  5. Dear Cameron, Evan, Mrs. Pollack, and Andrew,
    Thanks for commenting on this post. I think that the studies we have done on decimals have been enjoyable and very informative. I'm so glad to see that you have enjoyed yourselves and learned enough to find decimals at home! Cameron, I'm really impressed that you have commented twice, You are quite the blogger!
    I hope more members of our class will follow your lead!
    Mrs. Ranney


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