Friday, December 11, 2009

All About Sentence Combining

We have been working hard to learn how to write better sentences. One way we are improving our sentences is by combining two complete sentences into
one longer sentence.

To do this correctly, we have learned to

  • Make sure we have two complete sentences to combine that belong together
  • Connect the two sentences with a comma and a conjunction, like and, but, or so
  • Look at the finished product to make sure there are two subjects, one from each of the two sentences we combined


Below are some wonderful examples of sentence combining written by skillful students who really have the hang of it!

Notice that each subject has been highlighted in red!


Lots of cows live in grassy meadows, and some cows live on dirty farms. By Natalie


I walked into the peaceful meadow, and I realized that there was an enormous brown deer behind me. By Andrew


The water from the giant spring ran down the canyon, and the farmers used the water in the meadow. By Iyla


I went to the hot and dry canyon, and I had a fascinating voyage. By Carson


The children like to play in the grassy meadow, and they like to play at the entertaining playground. By Cameron


We explored a deep canyon, so we could get photos for our lovely family. By Eli


I went for a walk in a big green meadow, and I saw some yellow daffodils. By Sam

* * *

Please leave a comment by telling us something you enjoyed about one of the sentences, and try writing one of your own!

Make sure you start with two complete sentences that each have a subject.
Then combine them using a comma and a conjunction.

For an A sentence, be sure to add an adjective or two!

You may write about a topic of your choice!


  1. Dear Mrs.Ranney,

    The sentence I liked the most was Andrew's because he chose very unique adjectives. However, I enjoyed reading all of the sentences.

    The sentence I made up is:
    Most sports are fun and exciting, but my absolute favorite is basketball because players make crazy and amazing shots!

    Your Student,

  2. Dear Mrs Ranney,

    Here is a sentence combining sentence. I went to the small park to eat, and my happy dad went to the park to play.

    Your Student,


  3. Dear Mrs. Ranney’s Class,

    These sentences are outstanding, and I can’t wait to share them with my class!

    Some of the compound sentences were about grassy meadows, but one sentence was about an enormous brown deer!

    The water from that giant spring in the canyon was useful, and I wonder if the children from the grassy meadow ever play in it.

    I would love to see some of the photos from the deep canyon, and I think the enormous deer would like to see them, too!

    These sentences are outstanding, and I am certain that they will only get better as the year progresses!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

  4. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I enjoyed reading all the interesting combining sentences. The comments had lots of amazing adjectives.

    Here is one of my combining sentences. Badger Claws woke up so early it wasn't even daylight, and he almost woke up his sweet Aged One.


  5. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I really liked Cameron's sentence because of how he used adjectives to describe the meadow and the playground.

    Here is my sentence:
    I enjoy playing many sports, and my two favorite are football and basketball because they're sports that I'm good at.

    Your Student,
    Andrew S.

  6. The children played in the small village, and the villagers liked to watch them.
    By Garrett

  7. Dear Class,

    I really liked Andrew S.' sentence. It had good adjectives, like enormous and brown.

    Here is a sentence combining sentence. I went to the pool, and I went to gym in the day time.

    Your student,

  8. Dear Mrs. Ranney
    My favorite one of the sentence combining is Andrew's because his has excellent adjectives he used. For example, the words enormous and brown.

    My sentence is: I went to football practice, and I threw a long ball to the wide receiver. He caught it in the endzone!



  9. Dear Mrs. Ranney

    The sentence I enjoyed most was Natalie's
    because it had good adjectives and terrific describing words.

    My sentence is:
    At the zoo there was a brown scratchy
    monkey, and the monkey was eating
    yummy delicious yellow bananas.

    Your student,


  10. Dear Mrs. Ranney
    I like Andrew's sentence the best because he used great adjectives.
    My sentence combining sentence is:
    A big brown coyote came down the grassy hill to find some food ,but he was scared away by the noisy cars. Sincerely,

  11. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    I liked the sentence by Iyla, because it has good adjectives.

    Here's my sentence:
    The hot canyon had a strong flowing river, and some rabbits went for a drink.

    Your student,
    Jake Bartok

  12. Dear Class,

    I enjoyed reading your sentences because of all the adjectives you used and all the thinking you did to make those beautiful sentences. I loved Andrew’s because he used sports that entertain me, and I like Brandon’s because he made an artistic sentence. Sara, I liked your sentence because I thought the going to the gym part was great. Marisa, I loved the
    adjectives you used, especially delicious and I probably would have never thought of using monkeys and bananas. Carson and Roxanna both wowed me with their tremendous adjectives and everybody else did too. Here's my
    sentence: After the robbery, the police told everybody to evacuate the tall building, and two days later the police caught the sneaky robber and found the money.

    Your Student,

  13. Dear.Mrs Ranney

    I think Andrew's sentence was magnificent,and I wish I could read your sentences that we did for homework. Here is my sentence: Today, I got a black eye playing football, and when I got home I fell and bumped my head.

    With regards,

    Ethan Koch


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